Friday, September 28, 2007


Most of the times when i am going through my normal life i like to picture if this was a movie set what would happen next. Really? Like when i am walking where there was a grenade/explosion/bomb near Ambassadeur hotel, if an explosion was to happen. The Actress would know if she would be injured or die or survive or even in soap operas they can create a circumstances where the actress would disappear then everyone would think they died only to resurrect again when their lover is just about to marry another gal blahblah. Good TV.

Now, look at Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore & Mandy Moore, i call them the triplets of blondi(oty). Are they just blonde or they act blonde. Ok i once saw the first Daughter ok there are like 50 versions of that movie. Father president of US, she is followed by cops everywhere and falls in love (obviously) with a non starter. So this movie featured Mandy Moore, boring stuff.

Now they have no idea of our own First Daughter (unofficial) even the Hollywood fathers haven't thought about it. Its ok to have unofficial sites, spokesman,....but daughter (phew!). Starting to write script. So our daughter has a love affair with a burly Armenian who shoots at the airport, drives GK, threatens everyone. Don't you think the First Daughter Hollywood director/script writer should call me for REAL movie.

wouldn't be fun if you could just just like in the movies know you are going to trip and super prince is going to be around? Or even if you missed your classes you would still pass with 1ST CLASS. ooh the good world of movies

Ok i gotta go. Nice Weekend. To be continued