Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Once in a while i have always imagine doing a girlinthemeadow story in more than 100 pages (God bless Kenya) but really i have to give props to this guy www.bazanye.wordpress.com.

I got that from the African Woman magazine which i can say is quite good compared to ours apart from

1. Angela Angwenyi not Angweni. She presents mid morning not drive. Drive is for people with serious jokes to tell, Angela's son might not be a joke you know.

2. Sanaipei is not a radio presenter. She reads bits about famous people. She is also famous, i think she doesn't know. She is a fuckn good artist also (emphasis shoulda been there)

3. The Nakumatt lifestyle magazine it is. Not Smart Magazine and is not edited by her Majesty Masitsa

Good magazine in need of intense editing and spell checking. Writing to editor now for that position.