Friday, September 14, 2007

Life is a paradox

I think about life a lot. The way things are and the way they should be and the way they are not. In standard two you had this feeling that you would the best doctor , you ended up being a bus conductor aiih this life.

Now there is this movie line i heard "everybody thinks he/she is a good kisser". True dat. Everyone hells think they are the best in everything. Of course excluding Archer who knows for real he can't dance. I mean thats a painful admission. Me i can't he he he i don't know. Its hard not to think you are the most beautiful, bright.

So this year is a bit funny for me. One of my best pals lost her brother. Its wuz one of the hardest things in my life i had ever had to cope with. You don't even know what to do. Cry, comfort. You think you are even being ignored. I mean transition is difficult. However people cope with it.

like now how do you explain. Some people think Kenya is run on auto pilot. Others think we have a great leader, me included. Yeah for all who love to hear, I am with Uhuru he he he. Rakini the way we dissed that man in 2002,i am a bit ashamed that we are together this time. I remember we were in campo and we would start the great debate of Uhuru Vs Kibaki and there would even be a moderator and we would eventually be thrown out of Wambugus for making so much noise. Ooh Uhuru is not a man enough (ya'll know what i mean, forgive me father)

And even that dude who kufed with Mo Amin, the alcoholic who swore he would never die from alcohol. And yeah i forgot his name, he crashed. He drank every single minute of his life and yep dude didn't die of cirrhosis. Nice bet. And others who get cancer and have never had a stick in their mouths or even known how it is to wake with a hangover.

Another thing i have discovered is you listen to nutritionists then you will never EAT. Mara eat carrots mara carrots are not good for your health. Chocolate bad, chocolate good. Alcohol bad, alcohol good. So what? Whats good, what's not.

Aaaiih me am out. Cybercash over.

Nice weekend