Thursday, November 16, 2006


I had the misfortune of viewing my blog on IE. I use Mozilla the perfect browser, IE simply sucks. So i decided to update to beta blogger and see if that will change. For those of you whose source of internet is provided by the employer and the threat to take the said internet from you is almost becoming real if caught again, use Ghostzilla

Curse Words
Do people still think that the following are curse words

What the Fuck!-

Its time the three were relegated to normal words.

Nairobi Lingua

Mi nimetoka Jobbo
Jobbo= job
Works =work

Like its hard to say

Mi nimetoka work.

Its easy to say
Mi nimetoka Jobbo ama works

I am javin this week.

Meaning the poor guy is using public transport. Never ask me again whats javin. I mean ni kukanyanga mguu

I am going to campo next month

whats this adding/substituting English words with" O" to swahilise it.

Ati me naitwa Phaxo, that time the dude is called Alphaxard.

City Locations
I heard Kawangware is called Ungwaro

Wachana na Langa'ta ati LA Puhhleaze

Kangemi- Ungem

Try conversing with the peeps in Eastlando(He hehe) you will think now its a different new language. The last time i heard they were calling Mlango- Mngola. Aaiih lakini i refuse to be converted to that language.

I stick to my corrupted KiswaEngo.