Friday, November 17, 2006

Breakfast News

The Scandalous (channel 100.3)

A woman has just found out that she has been sleeping with her brother and is heavy with child (her sister). Their parents were separated when the poor girl was only 5 and while she was left with her mother, the guy went with the father. So for four years the two were in an incestuous relationship. Hitch came when the dude was going to introduce the girl to his father. Apparently the father had the same name with her father.


She is almost giving birth. I hear it is extremely dangerous to abort a foetus at the third trimester.

Now how do we help her?

The prostitution one (Channel 105.2)

A woman who owes someone a debt of Ksh. 15,000 wants to sell her body tonight. This is because her creditor wants the money by Sunday. A few callers wished to fundraise. Other callers (men) were wondering if she is really worth Ksh. 15,000 for only a night.

A woman suggested that us women are constantly selling our bodies. We apparently get married for comfort and to be taken care of. As such women are forever prostituting only this time at a higher level. Aaiih .

I really don’t think she is in the trouble, which she thinks she is. Unless it is an Italian Mafioso on your neck; then she is pushing too far.

The “you know who”

Apparently the rose party called Narc-Kenya will only refer to ODM-Kenya in “you know who” terms. No mentioning the name of the party because it will popularize the “the you know who” party.

The Best

Safaricom Limited might float their shares to the public in an Initial Public Offer.