Monday, November 13, 2006

The Bigger Problem

Working with the kids at St.Francis brought the big picture to me than i have ever cared to imagine. Previously i had visited babies home where the kids have everything that you could dream of.

Then there is this story of women who trade sex for fish

It makes one understand just how Poverty and AIDS are connected and maybe why the epidemic that is HIV/AIDS is bigger here than in developed countries. Meaning the poor you are the more exposed you are to communicable and sexual diseases.

So, just how much bickering will we continue to have about what the Government has/has not done. Hasn't that been the song that we have been singing since when we wuz young...however we look at it perfection in a leader is a reverie we gots to do without.

Just how much personal responsibility is a leader in the Nyanza Province for example going to take for the acts of his ignorant people. Somebody gots to teach the women down there about not having sex for fish.

The AIDS orphans are relying on the country now to feed them. Never mind as catastrophic the problem, nobody not even the ever bickering well meaning travelling MPs that we know has introduced any Bill in Parliament to deal with the Orphans. So for whom do the AIDs orphans belong?

Their age old 80 granny?

Its a sad situation here.

First things first. We are doing too much politics IMHO. For nothing.

We are looking at a generation that is dying day in day out from a disease they barely comprehend until it causes them untold suffering.

Dear Africans, for though has hands, for thou has brain...when will you ever utilise them? You wait for the NGO's the well meaning ones to tend your Orphans?

Looking at Mathare

I am reminded of the evil,.you know the devil. You cultivate the devil, you live the devil. You shut up to protect the devil. And then the devil strikes and eureka!!! "The devil is here?!"

Ooh c'mon...

However sympathetic i am with the people of Mathare, i bet just like there is a saying "Equity does not aid the indolent". I mean the Mungiki menace has been with the people. You can't do no shyte in Mathare without paying taxes to the local Government.

But did the Mungiki menace erupt in a day. No! The menace was there. The people there said jack shyte..They probably loved living with them. They were dangerous; ooh they knew it.

I laughed at the statement that a journalist who thought that research was a form of wild vegetable...

Even a little research could have exposed Mathare before it happened. Okiey why is there investigative journalism?

Round us, everywhere we have people who wouldn't think even if they were paid to.

For example lets say some economist sat down right? Found that our economy is growing at around 5%.
And then we have a politician who wouldn't probably pronounce the Law of dimishing marginal utility, or even write it, saying he knows the economy grew by 2 % and is cheered on by what M would call Kenyan Tourists KT.

What sense would it make? I would think it of a serious disaster which should call for an immediate peer review of the said economists.
But a politician is one right? But imagine how many investors listening to the said politician refused to invest on such grounds.
So why won't we be all happy that our economy is growing at around 5%. Should we chance economy and politics together? Just to discredit perhaps?

Why won't we think? Even a fabrication that our economy was growing at 10% if it would make Hu and his men look at us as potential investments.

I am not going to say its wrong or right. Do whatever your mouth wills you to do.

But we cannot save our faces; not now. Whatever wrong we say, to hurt our mother country reflects on us.

Ooh ! Its a cold monday