Monday, June 05, 2006

Maa Weekend

I have been meaning to write this post for a whole month now.

Someone here trying to learn how to do a Maasai dance.

On the Labour Day weekend, we set out to Kajiado for a self discovery weekend with the AIC Kajiado Girls at the Centre. For those who don’t know it this was started by Priscilla Nangurai the director of the centre for rescued Maasai Girls.

While the trip was to mentor the young girls initially, I have to accept at the end of the day I was the more educated one. I saw courage, I saw determination, I saw girls determined to to live on despite the cultural challenges. I saw what it means to be less privileged. God I learnt lots.

This is the story of their lives

The Maasai woman is as beautiful as they come. Her life is normal until she is 9,10,11,12,13.

She is now ready to be marriedoff now to a man thrice her age!!! . And whence she must undergo the most painful operations that cannot even be labelled FGM. I think I can only call it Vagina Elimination.

Why can’t they wait until 18 at least!!!!! Gosh these are babies who need love and care.. Not women to be married off.

So these girls at the centre have been lucky at least that they must be grateful. They are rescued by either the chiefs or maybe one of their parents. They then stay at the centre for the whole of their lives until they can fend off for themselves. One girl actually told me she cannot remember where her home was as she had been there from standard two. She now has other brothers and sister who she has never set her eyes on. Her sisters are those at the centre!!!

But I wonder

Why would your parents be your own worst enemies?

Why would your parents insist on taking you through some practices which you don’t want?

How would you feel that your home is not your comfort but the source of your lost hopes?

Why cant they just be normal children with normal dreams.

Its 43 years since Kenya attained independence and freedom. Why should you not allow someone the freedom to choose?

Why do our governments close their eyes to this kind of practices and cultural oppression.

Give the Maasai girl a chance to live and learn like other children.

Of course Kajiado is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The area is still green and not rid of the flora and fauna


I have just discovered that one of my favourite bloggers Anonymous Lawyer has published a book. I have not seen the book but i am laughing at the thought. More details at anonymous

Those who claim to love me all over blogsphere and you know my birthday passed. Si you hook a sister up with the book. You can read it first then post it you know.

Obvious Targets: Those visiting Kenya in the next six months whoever is the first he he he.
Its obviously not in Text Book Centre. Its not that lawyers are mean like this guy. Actually most are. The New York times did it for him too here
Who says blogging is a waste of time?