Wednesday, May 31, 2006

4K club

4K CLUB meaning





Whatever happened to those words.

As we celebrate Madaraka day tomorrow, all i would ask of Kenyans is to unite in common purpose to develop Kenya. Your role however small is appreciated in this country.

I am Kenyan because i am.

And obviously to quote the famous US President and link his inaugural address

"Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country".

This is our 43rd year of Independence in this country. We have achieved great things and we continue to achieve great things. In Africa we continue to lead and moreso with the determination of the many Kenyans who continue to be the pillar of strength.

While some African countries have allowed civil wars to destroy them, Kenya has continued to fight for peace and unity.

I am Kenyan because i am.

To salute many people who despite the struggles and hard economic life stay here to develop our human resource


And many others who would have a better life outside the country but have chosen to stay.

Do all have a blessed day.

God Bless Kenya


  1. roundi hii ni kujidai wazi wazi eh?...tehe, new nameless song I am nuts about washana....

    Ehe, proudly kenyan me, regardless.

  2. tuseme tu,,,, the patriotic spirit is currently hovering at 5.8%...same as the economic growth (sic), for most kenyans...
    maisha ni ngumu..
    what with our f**ked up politicians who cant comprehend the hard times. all they do is walk around with millions stuffed in their cheap gikomba travel bags!!
    lakini its good to be kenyan..
    despite the times, am proud of our country and our prezzo...
    and yea, him too..the opposition chief...
    enjoy mad-a-rak day shi...

  3. Well said!!!
    Proud to be Kenyan even though only half of me is....

  4. Ni kweli - tushereheke nchi yetu na watu wetu.

    PROUD TO BE A KENYAN TOO. (should be a logo!!!)
    Enjoy Madaraka day

  5. PROUD TO BE KENYAN TOO ... ok, this is building up into some kinda crescendo :)

    Happy Madaraka Day to you too!

  6. Why can't I post a comment on the poem? :'o(

    I really like it.

  7. Shiroh - Si Siri 4K club alumni right here! Happy madaraka day fellow Kenyans.

  8. Thanks for taking part. Happy Madaraka Day! Kula happy out there!

  9. Very inspiring! I'm glad that peace generally prevailed in the country. Those who remain at home and struggle do need to be applauded.

  10. Shi - kwanza me I'm a life member of the 4k club. Enyewe you've taken me back, I don't even think I could remember what the 4ks stood for. Happy Madaraka Day.

  11. I never knew what 4K stood for!

    Thanks for joining in the celebration.

    Happy Madaraka Day

  12. I hope you guys did enjoy the Madaraka day. I did watching some few Brilliant Kenyans sing their hearts out.

    Lovely weekend to all yah.

    Ebu membership of 4k club muanze malife member

  13. building the country lies in our own hands, no one will come and do it for us!

    natujenge taifa letu..

  14. KUUNGANA KUFANYA KUSAIDIA KENYA i am sure this words still reign supreme in most kenyans hearts at home and abroad. keep the fire burning at home shiro

  15. i am a little bit intrigued and awed by the sudden show of patriotism by "Kenyans" at last! Aren't we the same fellows who develop the Western mannerisms and critiquisms once we have 'arrived there'?

  16. Don't worry George its a step towards the patriotism. We are learning and fast