Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I can’t put this in a post. But many of us women just don’t get it. We give love expecting that one day the person our love is dedicated to will reciprocate. Sometimes it does happen (like when he has just lost his job and all his friends have forsaken) and realizes that you are the only one who can stand by him.

So here it goes

You give your life to him
Expecting him to give his too
You could do anything to have him
He does his best to avoid you
You do your best looking for him
Woman what is wrong with you

You cry
As you are lovelorn
You nag him
You expect him to love you
But accept it he will not
Woman what is wrong with you

He hits you once
He hits you twice
He clobbers you the next
Yet you sit there
Thinking he will stop
Woman what is wrong with you

He needs me
So you think
I love him
But he doesn’t
Woman what is wrong with you

Life is not fair
You cant get what you want
But if you love yourself
Then you will get the best.


  1. Hi Shi - excellent post and so true. LOL@ when he just lost his job.
    Some of us think that being needed or wanted is = love. No! LOVE=LOVE - its is those things and more.

    As for women who excuse violence in their men, all I will say is that: Run Forrest Run.. it happens once, it will happen again and again.

    Cool post gal...
    And I wont even mention that I am first.. Ah well..

  2. Nice one chana......

    You know I am on the floor at "he just lost his job"...tehe, don ask...i revel in people;s misfortune.

    But I feel you....it is a struggle, LOOOL, and I, and every other woman must keep in mind that we should only settle for the love we want, and deserve......even if it hurts, because you know, what, shite ain't easy man...

    Yaani, I can feel my sugar high kicking in, ma vile I have had it since jana....but I will fight the need to prattle on....

    But one day, you wake up...and if he does not want you enough, or you him enough....life has to go on!!
    If he does not want you....its sad, tehe, but no crying over spilt milk...wanaume wako....LOOOL

    Tehe, and you know, its always for the better? You will always find a better man, funnier man, Way way cuter, sexier, played rugby, more intelligent, wants you more, fucks you better, kisses you better, hugs you sweeter, treats you like princess,opens doors for you, pours your drink like second nature...aiiii! you click better, he has no wife tehe, (not a fisi)....and to put a cap on it, for you he drives a VX, (hypothetically speaking, bweeheh, ) and you really like it cos its big and stuff.....LOOOL, gone off on sugar high induced tangent here...errrr, nothin wrong with a VX is there? eh?

    My point shi....? You will always move up the ladder if you love yourself enough to attract the LOVE you deserve....no cha mpanda ngazi hushuka...

    P.s, am I am sure people are dreading me visiting their blogs cos I am wacharing mad comments...tehehe

    I swurr me I will burn in hell roho safi. How did I become so Bitchy today?...quick hail mary there.

  3. uh, oh...and when you go clubbing....he can acttually dance with you to LL Cool J's "doin it and doin and doin it right".........sigh!

    No worries shi....tumeona yote....it takes a week to get over it if you focys focus focus focus.....

    *KM goes of imbaring ndoin it and ndoin it ndoin it right...

  4. Very true gal. They turn and pretend to love you when they have lost everything and have been deserted but you beingthe lovely one you always take him and pamper him na maua but when he recovers hits you twice or thrice snobbing those calls kama analipwa..
    Soo sad and we surely need some good loving not jungle love of when I dont have anyone..

    Does this mean the leave of absence is over? then welcome back

  5. You'd be suprised how people will compromise what they stand for in the name for love.

    A man will hit a woman then tell her he loves her.... a woman on the other hand believes in her head that he didnt mean to hurt her, because he loves her .

    Its a twisted cycle !

  6. I feel like you wrote the first stanza for me. LOL

    I'll come back kesho. I see KM is up to her usual madness!!

  7. Too true. I've always thought the not-so-obvious meaning behind the verse "Love your neighbour as you love yourself" is: Love yourself first. Then, and only then, will you be capable of loving your neighbour.

  8. haiya ur goin the torments route....keep at it i'll nominate u next year for poetry section

  9. A thought comes to mind you can only give what you have and no more.

  10. Deeeeeep!!!!

    What have you been drinking?!!

  11. aiii shiroh..
    kwani hii exam ni ya poetry???

  12. Aiii, woman what's wrong with you? A guy hits you you pack your viragos and move along coz that aint no man. A man does not do that.

    A real man, he listens to you scream and shout, holds off your hands when you try to scratch. And when you are spent, he quietly asks: "Are you done?". Then goes off to have a beer to cool off, buys you a bunch of roses and some lingerie, and you make up with a night of [CENSORED].

  13. I have always wondered why mamas leave the nice loving men behind and decide that their love can calm a beast!Fact is once a man is a beast who can lay a hand on you, the only thing that can change him is God.
    After that first jab a woman has the onus to scatter!
    Plus if a man only appreciates you when he is probos then he isnt worth your time!
    But good to have sawa posts coming Shiroh!
    @ Kenyanmusings
    Ngoja!I will give you some more stuff to rant about!