Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Counting part II

Long before these children existed without me. But now that i know what they are suffering from i feel it my obligation to see that infection does go away. I feel their pain. Someone just told me this disease is a result of poor hygiene. Look at her hand it swells and that makes my life difficult.

Now that i know that someone from Michukis is reading the blogs.,i hope they read this and do something.

Very few things occupy my mind but this has. If only they could get a donor these children.

But there is hope from you and me. Only getting the commited ones seems like me strutting on the catwalk next to Naomi Campbell. I don't earn much but my 200Ksh combined with 5 more 200 Ksh. makes 1,000 that i couldn't prolly raise by myself. I was impressed with some child i was told forego lunch and bought them countless pencils. Ooh whoever said only children will see the Kingdom!!