Thursday, March 30, 2006

For you only

A look at the distance
And i see your toothless gum
Grinning at me
And though the smile will be faded
I still wonder
Will i be the one to give you that smile

When your hair has given up to the greying
When everyone in your company is a mzee
And everyone in my company is a cucu
For we will be wise
I still wonder
Will you hold the glue that will be us

Will you let me be the one woman
That you will cherish
Or will you let yourself stray
To the hands of deceitful women
Will you come home to me everyday
Or will you run your home from the bars
I still wonder
Will you let us be

Will i be the envy of the womenfolk
Or will you make us the story
Of the vanity of marriage
Will you listen to what i have to say
Even when what i have to say is useless
Wil you remember my 90th Birthday
I still wonder
If you could be the one

Will you give hope to our children
Will you be there to give them love and wisdom
Or will you shudder at how useless they are
Will you give them the wisdom of your years
Or will they run at your sight
I still wonder
If you are the one

Most of all
Will you love me
With my bad Kikuyu legs
With all the weight i shall gain after 4 births
With all my faults
Even when i cannot make you proud
Will you?