Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nothing Really

I turned my long drives (don’t be cheated they are matatu drives) home sometimes coupled with traffic jams my opportunity to read my novels/books. Ever since the Bankelele News reported that I could borrow books for a whole year for 1000Ksh at Book Villa my reading life has never been the same. The attendants actually ask me “umepotea wapi?”
I mean not bar attendants at my locals but bookshop attendants. I feel I am doing well on that side.

Thing is also my blog posts are written in my head during those long rides in the mathrees when I have forgotten my books. So I think, I watch people, I listen to them. One particular one was between two sisters fighting. I love those; it makes me understand I am not the only one who has fights with my sisters which if it weren’t for my mother one of us would be dead.

I don’t like picking conversation with people in matatus. I like to wander away,think,read , write in my mind. One day a dude came into the matatu, he says hi and then I respond. Kidogo kidogo he asks me what I do for a living. So I was shocked. I have just met someone in a matatu and he even wants to know what I do for a living. So I continue reading my book. Then he asks ati whether I don’t like making friends. I continue reading my book. Aaiiii…kwani I cant read in peace!!! Anyhow he continued with monologue unanswered questions till he alighted. I think he needs a medical check-up.

One Sunday I was going to church and I noticed some chics hapo kwa stage and realized that some people have lost it. Thankfully when I am alone I can control my laughter but when we are two, I will laugh hysterically.. A beautiful wedding dress turned into Sunday best. Now how??? (@km2005). That one is becoming the worst fashion goof since the Kenya Uniform. Si someone buy me a digital cam then I can carry it in Nairobi for this purpose.

Nguo ya kusimamia harusi is meant for just that. I know it is expensive folks, the last one I have cost around 3,500 Ksh and that was two years ago. But yet again woiyee save us from wearing it on another day. It doesn’t just work., put it as a collectors item that is where it belong. Hallelujah.

I remember in the 80’s when we used to simamilia all relatives weddings. Good gracious those clothes. Ati women vaaring purple suits shonwad by some tailor mathe,.the tailors of those days had no any idea about making fancy clothes for a wedding. Lakini siku hizi. Kwanza I saw one photo I was wearing red socks and white shoes. Jameni!!!

Not to mention the suits sometimes were worn with rubber shoes since all your relatives had to simamilia the wedding regardless!!!

Anyway you vaa what you want to wear but a wedding dress on Sunday just doesn’t work. Even as an evening dress, nguo ya harusi ni ya harusi…

Blog Meet up

Public opinion is to hold the same on 8th . Sunday just doesn’t work.


I have just gotten a reason to stop drinking., beer prices have gone up by Ksh. 5. Most beers will be retailing at 70Ksh. Anywho when is the last time I bought a beer at 70/=. I am shocked that is how much it costs. I buy from 100/= even before Amos Kimunya read his budget.

And I was even more shocked to discover that a fanta is Ksh. 16. The least I have ever bought on is 25/=. At most establishments soda costs 50/= upwards. Haiyaiii. Si I thought the coca cola adverts says “Why pay more?” kwa nini are we paying more.

Drinking soda or beer is an expensive affair. Sijui nifanye…

While thinking in the matatu, I wondered how else I can waste those hours after work. Or what else can I do in town that doesn’t involve drinking.

Don’t tell me to go back to school. I am going back to school when I am paid what I am worth now. Kwani I will always be in school. I think I should start studying Spanish. Lakini who will I be talking to in Spanish. Si all of us we learn Spanish so that I will have someone to talk to. I think I should learn how to play tennis. Yeah that one.

Things I need (copied from Mental)
A racket
Tennis Shoes
New jeans
New bag
New shoes
CD player the latest
Digital Camera

Let me stop there I might fill blogger space with things I need.