Friday, June 23, 2006


What is the origin of sexual suppression against women? This is the question I am asking myself after reading this article. Cameroon Girls Battle Breast Ironing

Who ever convinced women that their sexuality should be suppressed? And it is their mothers that do it?

Ironing breasts? When I saw this on Prousette’s blog I didn’t quite get what she meant. Now I know. Scream Ouch!!!!!

Of second wives
I respect the presidency more than I respect anything. But an issue that has come to mind of recently is just how secure is a second wife? Without a ring, without anything, just what is the fate of the second wife?

By law, one is not eligible to contract a second marriage once they have contracted a legal one (notice I didn’t say traditional).

Yet our presidency is faced with a serious issue many might want to dismiss as the least of their worries. When I look at some of the people I know; they are second wives, children of second wives and all. So these people is not hot useless issue.

The possibility that the president contracted a second marriage is an issue of criminality. We all know the president could never be committed to jail now but he is not protected laters.

So who is this Wambui and why does she claim she is the wife of our President. Deep Nyeri news network appreciate the fact that Wambui has always presented and has been know as the wife of the then MP for Othaya. So what changed?

What is the position of the second wife in Kenya?
Does public declaration makes her just another “woman”?

While Wambui has been a spoiler in the recent past, with the Arturs in the mix, does she deserve the kind of treatment that the president hands her? It behoves on us to understand that any kind of relationship entered for the purpose of mwenjoyos comes across a sham.

Ladies and Gentlemen before you get into any kind of settlement to sire, produced heirs for anyone, wave your rings.

Ooh Please!!!
There is a man I know who refused to buy Kengen Shares just because he argued that this Government of Wakikuyus (pun intended) was upto something. We all know who had the last laugh.

I have never understood one fact why Kenyans have to pass the buck onto the Government.

Does the fact that I am Kikuyu triple my income? I wish it did
Do I pay less VAT or Tax because I am a Kikuyu?

So before you open your mouth and blame people for everything; play your part!!!

Our President is surely not dumber than President Bush the last time I checked despite his mutability.

Americans probably made more money
Had better health care
Donated Millions of money to Africa

I can hear millions of hands in the air,. Ooh but you see…..ooh Please

Nice weekend