Friday, June 09, 2006

Counting on you

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Wooi i know i have left many people who are happy not to be named.If i have just give me your will to help. Say what you can and not do. You can still see the pictures at

I will say to the Lord "I tried"

The home is called St. Francis Integrated School and is located in Karen close to the Giraffe centre (behind Karengata academy). The home's population is majorly orphans and the rest of the population is from single parents and other parents who cannot support their children.

It currently has a population of over 300 children from age1 to appx 17

They have semi permanent structures and one incomplete house i.e. walls and a roof but no windows, ceiling, fittings etc(this was to be a residential home for the lady who runs the home).

The structures double up as their classrooms and dormitories; In the day they move the mattresses outside/ or to the side and use them as classes and in the evening they move them back in for sleeping.

Children depend largely on their guardians/well wishers i.e. your guardian will bring you a mattress and/or clothes/pocket money. Thus if your guardian doesn't come or if you don't have a guardian you have to borrow and share a mattress for sleep at night. The living conditions make communicable diseases especially skin/fungal infections common.

The home honestly needs whatever help it can get i.e. prayers, visits, medicines, blankets, mattresses, clothes, construction of classes/dormitories, food, charcoal saving jikos, firewood, charcoal,exercise books, textbooks etc

The school's owner/caretaker is a lady called Mrs. Kibathi and she can be reached on 0721-604500


I was talking to KD another day and she was very convinced that Uhuru will have a great chance of winning the elections come next year. Sometimes i am correct,sometimes i am wrong. But Uhuru has a very low chance of becoming the next president of Kenya until 2012. Don't get me wrong Uhuru is a nice man, he even fights with hawkers in town. I don't know against or for hawkers. I am not sure.

Kenyans do not want hawkers in the middle of the city (i truly love shopping off the street don't get me wrong) but the pickpocketing that comes with hawkers is another thing i totally would love to avoid. I wonder what political statement Uhuru was trying to make when fighting for or against hawkers.

I am sorry to be one of the people to say Uhuru doesn't understand Poverty and its implications in this country. He strikes me as an activist really. Or a guy trying to prove his point. The story of Bush senior and Bush junior. In a country where the majority of us are struggling with bad roads,transport crisis,famine,floods and the rest, Uhuru's family continues to enjoy unrivaled luxury.

In his own Gatundu South constituency, poverty knows no bounds yet Uhuru has done nothing. He as a Local Government minister didn't strike me as a worker of the nation. You can tell a worker and Charity Ngilu is one, Saitoti despite his corruption record another, and so many of Kenyans.

Personally i would never vote for Uhuru. Who is on his vehicle? His close associate Ruto is now off ship. Who would be Uhuru's Ministers??

Uhuru is surely not the Kenyan Dream.