Friday, June 16, 2006

Bloggerizing Part 1

For many of us who have spent the last year and... yapping away on the blogs; it is time for a closer look at the blogs I read here on KBW and what I think. I hope yours truly here says nothing to offend who; written in no particular order;;;
Note that it is very cold here and thoughts are not flowing as they should but i will try

Note: i have learnt "my blogger", any omissions maybe influenced by that

Kenyan Musings;
We called her an instant hit (no confessions here but the actual suspects actually are). Assembling ground for the girls you know. This is where the KMsKmutsaurus meet discuss all those interesting things about girls.

Let me mushene here; girl wrote me this email “STUPID wewe!” Halafu “How are you?” just like that.

Thrilling is the reason I visit this blog.

Funniest part is in the mix of all the fun and the high speed thinking and writing KM is educative.

By the way who can write a post that they are sexy? Raise up your hands and take the challenge.


The blog is called the café. Where Kbwers go to take tea, relax (the posts are not semi-posts), digest then speak out as M would say.

G is aMazinG,.can write anything in the world in simpler way.
Then again her webdesign is too comfy and intimate.

Stemming from Thesaurus evolved know why I get to go there.


Also known as the first group of KBW GRANDFATHERS.

He has reached menopause in blogging and admits it. The so called baby faced Nick. In his days, Ronaldo reminds me of him like the way he is so fat and cannot play foota anymore (I digress)..his memory is photographic remembering events dating 1986 and so why is he a grand pa? Because of that.

Nick can be witty, funny, (but yet again those days are over) So i should waste no further time and blogger space but when the history of KBW is written Nick shall appear prominently.


Despite him kicking my president hard in the balls.,M is funny and aMazinG too. For a good laugh, visit M

How else do you think he won the Blog Award of the Year. His posts are satisfying in a way.

And he has to his belt many inspirees to the world of blogging. You are good, but I hear he is always reading in the SB Matatus (just a rumour from my news network). The guy gives a nice laugh.. Lets just say that.

I have yet to be convinced that the Bank Hangman’s name doesn’t mean Kelele za Bank. It must be. This is my official Business Review/Wall Street Journal.

Informative stuff.

By the way I am grateful to BKNN (Bankelele News Network) really I am.

Ms K

I have been reading this blog evolve from Kohcohlearns to blog, (Pretty in Pink)and finally she learnt and became kohcohshaven.

Easy reading I say.
She is one person who is sure what she wants.

Her life reads like a story, you think you know her. Before I actually met her I could figure out exactly who this person was. Partly from a pic she had wekad kitambo though.

Love it.

Part two in a while

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