Monday, March 27, 2006

What is sensible?

When is the last time people looked upto you?

When is the last time you said you were something and they are like uuuh? She is that!

Wella wella.

Yesterday i went for a mentoring session at Starehe Girls (No Nick i am not telling on the other one).

Girls are disciplined. My goodness. I should be punished all over again by the headmistress for no discipline.

The girls wanted to talk about you know kawaida stuff; boys

LOL ati boys tell them "You have arrested my heart"
Gosh i wonder with what.

Then it was their mothers. "My mum thinks that every boy i talk to is a boy lover. So i wonder what is a boy lover? Boy what?

You may wonder why would a husband searching woman like me going to spend my afternoon with young girls. You don't want to look at their eyes when i said i was a lawyer and worse still when our chairlady said she was an engineer. The chicas could almost kiss the grounds we were walking on. No it was not for self gratification.

Half of these girls did not have hope that they were going to school any time soon leave alone high school. Most of these girls live with their grandmothers; they are orphans. They have probably never heard success in their families.

Privilege makes us assume many things.A lot. Until my mother left us i had never thought how life can be empty.

My mother would clean my clothes at that big age i was without question. I never had to worry about being hungry; someone had cooked. You never know what it is to be the mother; everyone looking at you for answers even your own father. Like why the hell did your brother drop in perfomance last term? I was not with him in school. So how do i know.

And yet these girls have hope. They have dreams and God bless them.

And they listened and we talked about everything. Anyway it was among the best days i have spent in my long life.

Do we have anything more to report on?

Daily Nation Headlines

Ex-ministers adapt to life outside Cabinet

Standard reports
LSK warns Kibaki on new party

Reality is i would like to know if those peoples hukos at the North Eastern if still starving.

Did the New Zealander give dog biscuits? Or what happened?

How is the Kengen IPO going?

BBC On Africa
Nigeria to give up Charles Taylor
Thousands flee from CAR violence

What is sensible? What is not?

Have a super week