Friday, March 24, 2006

The boy is mine

Me loves country and when I hear Dolly Patron singing “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeene , please don’t take my man away” feels like crying.

He he he (laughing at my own jokes which only I can understand)

Now this guy (married) walks in with two women and sits in a place close to where I am sitting in a restaurant.

After a while, the woman shouts in Kikuyu English

“Don’t you know he is a married man?”

I look, such dramaz are interesting.

The girl says something like

“I have my own personal rights”

Guy says

“Wachana na yeye”

Woman says

“Hata unamtetea”

Suddenly the woman who I suspect must have roots in Nyeri holds the girl’s blouse and some of the chest unmentionabos copyright at Milos are out.

That my dudes and dudettes happened yesterday.

Luckily the waiter comes in fast and the poor girl is rescued. Hell hath no fury like a mama scorned.

He he he me kwanza I was telling my date I would have chapad the dude a mega slap,.why shindanilia with a poor gal like that.

Wasichana wa Nairobi lakini wana tabia mbaya
Kuhanyahanya mabwana za wenyewe –tabia mbaya

The number of young girls dating people’s husbands is magnanimous. And prease prease don’t start on the women not taking care of their husbands. Gals simply are having tabia mbayas. Don’t care.

Secretaries kwanza are notorious..yeah my hussie will probably have an old woman in the name of a seki.

Kwani being a seki means being a mistress,personal assistant,; taking care of mdosis all kinds of business. Give me a break!

Sometimes I wish there is a away I could a way I could know a guy is kulain on the side. Sperm counter is a plot ama Milo niaje. But I am sure they would come up with lies like “Aki a mungu I was thinking about you and the damn things mwagikad” ama huko mastrap on.

Aco and Nick i have all of you figured out. Bring it on...

Have all of you a lovely weekend.

Yours truly.