Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you are a regular or not so regular user of cabs in Nairobi town you may have noticed a common pattern among cabbies
Mr. I won't say anything
This tend to be a bit old. The most they ask is what your destination is and keep quiet for the whole journey. This i don't like very much because i like to engage some people in some good discussion.
The Mr. i want your opinion
This have their own opinions but before they give you theirs they want to hear yours. Conversation will go hence
Cabbie: Who do you think will win the election
Answer: I don't know, maybe Kibaki
Cabbie: No no you know i heard that Raila is the one to win
Why were you asking me?
The conversation will probably go downhill from there and you will be bombarded with all manners of facts and fiction.
The Mr. I wanna know about you and what you do.
The conversation will probably go this way
Cabbie: Where do you work (As in all Kenyans where you work is probably more important than your own name)
A: This and this place
Cabbie: How is so and so (meaning how is the CE?)
A: He is good
Cabbie: I know him through so and so and so
A: Cool
It will then degenarate to discussions about the so and so's, you, what you think of your company and finally the advice you give to them.

Feel free to share your cab drivers experiences. I am looking at you 3Toc.