Monday, January 19, 2009


  1. Cut out information overload- I skim through newspapers, do not watch TV especially news, i unsubscribed from all gossip blogs. Really, i do not care if Nicole Kidman had botox or not.
  2.  Attend/Join Toastmasters- After seeing what oratorial skills did for Obama, who can resist learning from the masters of speech.
  3.  Blog more- I cannot understand why i stopped blogging regularly because i do have full internet access both at home and at work.
  4. Read more literature- I still intend to at least write a poem this year
  5. Understand limiting beliefs and how they affect my life- It is true, you are what you think you are.
  6. Network efficiently and effectively- Invite me for any event and i will come


  1. Nice ones!
    6. Any event anywhere or within a certain radius of your residence?
    2. Oops, I don't know what Toastmasters is! Off to Google...

  2. Any event? Can you get to Dar for May this year?