Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jon Favreau

When all the hullaballoo is about B.O, one certain lad caught my eye. He is 27 years old and the Director of speechwriting at Statehouse. His name is Jon Favreau, . Ooh well and the fact he is cute?
That just saddens me about Kenya's recycling machine. I have been denied a job for being too young. That's another thing about B.O. that is just amazing, trusting a twenty-something year old with your national speeches?
Well, is it not obvious that young people have the sharpest minds. Well, when used well. Is it not a bit funny that the likes of Ababu Namwamba are so quiet in the middle of the grand mind boggling theft that is currently being executed by the Grand Illusion(as KE) would call it.
Apparently Jon is B.O.'s mind reader, he put the thoughts into words. Maybe you may not understand my fascination, but i have a thing for the written word (i told you i watch my movies with subtitles). Ooh again and the fact he is cute.

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  1. Were he Kenyan he would not get the job due to his tribe and even if he got the job he would be 47 not 27....