Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There are certain things that are going through my head, let me get them out; to the world of course (like it really cares!)
  1. Why can't i write anymore?
  2. Do i need to plan, have goals to succeed?
  3. Ok, on 2, how do people plan anyway?
  4. That person (yes, a him), what does he want
  5. Or does not want
  6. Why am i even asking myself?
  7. Can things be white /black or in the least of things, coloured?
  8. Why are all politicians dumb?
  9. Ok, the Kenyan ones?
  10. Why is it everytime i go to the supermarket, prices of stuff has increased?
  11. Sometimes by 100%?
  12. Is there a crisis in Kenya that we are yet to know about?
  13. When do you know it's time to let go?
  14. Or time to hold?
  15. Does patience pay?
  16. Why do people really go through a lot of stuff at a particular time in the year?
  17. Where can i find a well paying job?
  18. One thing i can do to make a difference in my or other's lives?
  19. Is change good?