Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok now there is this breed of men who have taken to dutifully call me/text me on Monday mornings. The kind who won't text or call from Friday 1700hrs to Monday 1100 hrs.
Now, i have no problem if you don't want to talk to me during the weekend because i do not care but why Monday morning.
1. I do not run a duty register on Monday mornings
2. I do not like being disturbed on Monday mornings, i am probably sleeping, cussing the weekend is over. All this with the help of coffee. Please leave me and my coffee alone for a bonding session
3. Boss is probably issuing instructions from all corners (ok re-read) even if they are not in the office
I never used to have this problem but the number has since increased from 1 (that one is special and was allowed) but 3? You had a whole weekend and you want to catch up with me on Monday.
That is all. Really lame, I know.


  1. and here ends the public service announcement. *dead*

  2. LOL. Pole,Maybe they leave their phones in the office over the weekend.