Friday, February 01, 2008

tribal warfare-WHAT & WHY

Though i do believe that the election flared up the current ethnic crisis, i also do know and have a conviction that it did not cause it.
Hate Speech did it!
And all this started at the National Referendum that was done in 2005. When the campaigners went round giving people the ills of the Constitution that was to be which IMO was not the best document but far better than what we currently had. They were peddled with information
That certain communities would go and take their land once the constitution was passed.
An even better information was that the Nyumba of Mumbi was threatened if that constitution did not pass.
When the verdict was finally No to the New constitution Kenyans were told ok and this is something i heard not was told on National Television
"You have triumphed against the enemy"
While in 2002 parties came together to vote against Uhuru.  Parties such then as was culminated into A Rainbow called Narc Government. Cracks soon emerged before we could change our pair of shoes. You have shortchanged us they cried! 
Fast forward to 2007....
Kenya Vs GEMA was formed. A tribal leader was formed from every community
Ruto -Kalenjins
Balala-Coast region
Ngilu- to influence the Kamba vote
A lot of emphasis went to personalities who commanded a tribal following.
Note the Luo, Luhya & Kalenjin are some of the major tribes in Kenya. With this kind of arrangement a sure victory was guaranteed.
Numbers matter in politics.
Within 5 years we had switched from parties to personalities.
What with the other side of the divide;
They did nothing to ease/undo that situation. They told their people
"All we need to do is vote in large numbers"
If almost all of us vote we are going to win.
So we were stuck there.
The large numbers vs the conglomeration of tribes.
No one can decide who won.
Suddenly every one felt a need to identify/align themselves with their tribal leader. It became obvious that if you were tribe X you most probably supported one party.
While there is nothing essentially wrong with identifying with a tribal leader there is something wrong with hate speech. We did emails/forwards/leaflets chastitising another tribe. Nobody is innocent.
The truth is a president is not a president of a tribe.
Budgetary allocations are done and approved in parliament. It is foolhardy and destroying to convince people that all their ills exist because of a tribe. There is one thing i know, unless we all wake up and decide our destiny nobody in power will do it for us.
Politicians exist for self. And no time has it been clear than now.
How does killing a member of community X forward your community's agenda.
It is our Members of parliament who have brought us down. They refuse to shape the country when in parliament but during campaign time use the same inefficiencies that we could be having to create hate amongst the people.