Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am have come from a stance of we won the elections to we need an all inclusive Government because really at the present; we were going to have a  heavily skewed Government which is seriously not a way to go until one Balala spoke
We are being pressured by our people; if the negotiations are not working, then we change the terms of reference of the negotiations to discuss boundaries then we reduce them to an island like Lesotho. They think ODM is desperate to get into Government.

I say
Mr. Balala when i protest against your words i am not protesting against the Muslim and whatever tribe you come from because i don't know it and i don't care.

Mr. Balala i do not think that Kibaki adds any sufurias to a Kikuyu Homestead that you think the position he takes has to be vindicated on the general populance. 
Mr. Balala Kikuyus are Kenyans
The beautiful people of the Coastal province rely on you for guidance; you are letting them terribly down.
You are a young leader who should be able to get out of the Geriatrics of the old and reason like a Kenyan.
Your people and the people of the language i speak are the same whether you believe it or not.
I think such statements should not be left hanging, its time we saw some action.  If your people Mr. Balala have a greater right than these people of the Island of Lesotho think again. You deal with Kibaki & Co. those are at your reach, if you can't deal with them you must not burden the Kenyans with your stupid rhetorics. Like we have not suffered enough already!


  1. shiro , I dont understand your rather cynical attempt to paint balala in bad light YET YOU DONT CRITISIZE your PNU folks for stalling the negotiations ?

    when you say kenyans who do you mean ?stop representing some obvious chauvanist views masquarading them as "kenyan views". Like I said earlier, there is realy no need any more for mass actions or for people to die before this small time PNU hardliners can be brought down to their knees

    most ODMERS ,if you ask me believe or feel that Central can have Kibaki for President as they so badly want and the other six provinces can have Raila. AFTERALL I also have heard alot of kyuks say they could as well do with their own country [read central ] so why not give them what they crave?

    when you say "such statements should not be left hanging am 100% you mean prosection". Do you atimes realize that you are reason exactly like michuki and martha karua and those are the biggest causes of the impasse in kenya at the moment?

    people need to be real. It is a fact that the other 40 plus tribes view the kikuyu tribe with suspicions and feel they have received a raw deal in all sectors of the economy. Whether this is true or not is not the point now. The point is two people live together if they agree. So if the PNU (largely a Gema outfit)do not want to to work with other communities in the ongoing discussions, then the solution is simple as Balala said. Let all of them get back to Central Province, be compensated for their properties in other parts of the country and then we can have peace. No need to quarrel over who should be the legitimate President, the one who stole votes or the one who was voted for by the majority. Some of our communities may be poor but we have no time for hypocracy and malicous lifestyles. Is it not that simple?

    politics aside,

    I also know the truth i.e What we have is a specific problem in time, perpetrated by a clique or rich old men. The average Kikuyu is just a struggling Kenyan, a victim of Central Kenya politicians, who have repackaged themselves as guards of tribal interests and scared quintessential Kikuyu out of her wit about a Raila presidency. They are victims as much as the rest of us are. so Let’s see what mediation can yield first.

  2. Balala just don't know when to shut up......And yes the statement shouldn't be left hanging....

  3. Fugly retards like you who give kikuyus a bad name.

  4. @kip,do you honestly believe that all Kenyans do agree to be divided on tribal boundaries? This is politics my friend, don't take it too seriously.

    @Unyc, i agree 100%

    @anon, he is not know for intelligence but then again....

    @anon, i hope that is for you.

  5. shiro we obvoiusly arenot but we allow politicians do divide us! g-nite..

  6. shiro we obviously are not that tribal as kenyans but we allow politicians to divide us! g-nite..

  7. @kip, and that's where we should go from now on.

  8. I have not heard that statement but if its true, then it is unfortunate coming from Balala.

    Unfortunately when someone says 'they' referring to Kyuks, they are also referring to me.
    I abhor such statements and take offense that the sins of kibaki or any other politician for that matter are may sins.

  9. I just listened to jackson kibors confession and i dont think power sharing will change a thing

  10. Gal,
    It is indeed a perfect solution to divide the country up. Christ himself said "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Kenya is already divided, no amount of force will make it stand united. But if divided, then:
    (i) No kikuyu will be evicted from RValley
    (ii) No Luo will feel marginalized
    (iii)No Kalenjin will feel his land has been taken
    (iv) No maasai will miss grazing land for his cattle
    (v) No non kikuyu will fear the Mungiki