Thursday, February 07, 2008

PRO KENYAN anyone?

Our leaders have a very long way to go because they don't realize
ONE even if as (pray Kaparo) fire would consume all of them in parliament; KENYA would still go on.
KENYA was there, will always be there without them.
Even if we were not to have a president, KENYA would still be there.
It is not ABSOLUTELY a necessity that a person has to be a president (who doesn't want to be one anyway).
Why then do they continue acting like we absolutely owe our lives and peace and everything to them? Who gives them reasons to give each hardline positions to govern us. I guess what every Kenyan needs is to know they are safe not more wealthier. People have abandoned mighty lives and are now refugees in their own country.
We have designed a new name for the IDP'S (INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS). Romantic name it might sound to their ears.
the word "ELECTIONS" sends shivers to many of our ears. I am even afraid of the US elections. So are many Kenyans. I wonder how many people would go and vote now. We spent 5 hours on long lines. We woke up at 5 in the morning to exercise what was called our democratic right or rather what we were told is.
How would we know peoples' agendas;
To get us out of the places we were living?
To make our country a hot mess
Did we get what we deserved. NO.
Would we have gotten what we deserved. NO.
I don't care what you blame it on. Land issues, stolen elections, Kivuitu, Kibaki... make your own long list.
Fact: there is always a way out, there has always been a way out and that is the way to look for. All we hear now are people bargaining for power and positions.
Annan's work is not to trash our institutions. That he won't do. And i bet he can't do it.
Can our leaders give us what we want.



  1. Mwangi - the Displaced AfricanFriday, February 08, 2008 8:16:00 AM

    Judging from the newspapers, the violence is slowly cooling down? Is that the experience of all you guys in Kenya?