Tuesday, February 05, 2008

supporting- I HAVE NO TRIBE

iHaveNoTribe.com - I Am Kenyan

the best tailor i know is a Kenyan (I had to start with you!)
the best food i know is made by a Kenyan
the best driver i know but is also a Kenyan
the best friend i have is a Kenyan
the best lecturer i know is a Kenyan
and many other things.
The bottom line is these Kenyans are not of my tribe. I don't know what i would do without them.
 We cannot do without each other and that we need no expert to tell us!



  1. Wow...what a turn around!!!

    If we could work the same magic on the 30 million odd Kenyans.....

  2. My first girlfriend is a Kenyan.
    The man who taught me what a respectable man should look like is a Kenyan.
    The leader of my peer group in primary school was a Kenyan.
    My best friends when I was in high school were all Kenyans

    .....and yet I never shared a tribe with them either.

  3. On point and very inspiring. Now if only these politicians could have a clue.

  4. Yay!! All kenyans should think of themselves as kenyans first and whatever tribe they are second and loads of the problems are solved right there

  5. I was born on a Kenyan Hosi, My Esto was in Kenya, My primo was in Kenya, My Highschool was in Kenya, My Shags is in Kenya, My favourite beach is in Kenya, My favourite heng is in Kenya..manzee all those wonderful people I met all along were Kenyans, my Doctors, My Neighbors, My Heady, My Princi, that ka mama I was googling at Karni.. i don't remember their tribes..but I remember..all KENYANS...

  6. I am very realistic . I have a tribe its called kalenjin and totally proud to be one. I will not be brainwashed to say i have no tribe.

    I however know that I am kenyan First In my heart and in my balls and kalenjin 3rd or 4th it does not matter...

    Guys, I got to say just the way I see it. Tribalism is deep within us, and I am not sure how this will ever be resolved. We are tribal is our analysis that we become painstakingly blind to even evidence that right before our eyes

    ladies and Gentlemen
    we should not attempt to apply cosmetic to some truths. The lipstick will fade/wash / the make up will get off and you will be staring in to the straight face of what you are..

  7. and just to add

    -my fiancee is not my tribemate - kamba

    -My best pal in my Town - kikuyu

    - closest chick pal -kikuyu.
    - december I Will be a best man to my boy -his wife to be -Luo .

    - me - proud kalenjin ..no two ways about that...

  8. Hooray! We are definitely headed somewhere. I don't know but for sure i know the only thing my tribe helped me is give me a name & prescribe its supposed behaviours on me. Did you know women in Gikuyu land were not supposed to wear trousers? Ok i will be required to marry the way they want (dowry & stuff). Why can't i just live my life as a person not as a person of such and such a tribe!!!

    @anon, you probably misunderstood my suppport for Kibaki to mean i am a tribalist. NO i love everyone each of them as a kenyan. and i still support HIM still.

  9. And my reason to say that I don't have a tribe is because my parents and grand parents inter-married. I'm a product of both GEMA and KAMATUSA but I was born and brought up and schooled in Kenya. So I have no tribe. I am Kenyan DAMU.