Tuesday, February 19, 2008


he is saying
you idiots; you think this country is yours
think again..
fuck your constitution;
we are gonna tell you
this is how it is done
when you
and your opponent
you shake hands
and smile with us in your photos
While the rest of us think....
what the hell happened
what the fucking hell did happen
on that day?
you fucking don't know what happened
We your big brother
Decide what happened
Then give you a solution


  1. This is exactly what kibaki and his crazy wife have done. They have fucked us, they have fucked our constitution, they have fucked our votes, they have fucked our peace and they are meant to be our fucking leaders. No more. Kibaki is NOT our leader and by our I mean Kenya. you can keep him as your leader if you want shauri yako!

  2. Mwangi - the Displaced AfricanTuesday, February 19, 2008 9:57:00 PM

    It really is infuriating when Americans throw around their power like that. I remember feeling this when I heard about how titanium was being mined near the Coast, the Brits who raped Samburu women and how America build their military bases. It really makes you sick.

  3. I was watching the "Last king of Scotland" last year and those who have seen the film will remember how Idi Amin wins the swimming race by starting off the race five seconds before the gun hits. He crosses the line first before all the other competitors and so technically he actually wins this race, since the winner in a race is "whoever crosses the line first", gun jumping notwithstanding.

    Same can be said of Kibaki. The consttution of course says whoever gets the most votes, wins, forgetting that in some constituencies, there were more people voting for him, that those on the electoral list

  4. @Kip, Look after 27th Dec i was ready for president Kibaki or Raila. Infact i sat down with my folks and we told each other since Kibaki had lost assumably we wished Raila would be a better president. We were sad but not devastated, it is anybody's right to be a president.

    However as things are that didn't happen. Kibaki won. We were happy he did, for others it was devastating news, for others it was beginning of lives lost.

    I think Kip you need to clearly look at who the supposed dictator is.

    Is it possible that now the constitution, the judiciary, the ECK, all Govt institutions which btw were not built by Kibaki or Raila should be suspended to solve a political solution.

    Isn't it now that personal rights have been gravely violated? Which is a greater right?

    My point is we could have dealt with this better. Innocent lives have been lost, the perpetrators walk free. it will be a sad reality at the end of day that everyone realizes this country is greater and even if Kibaki rules until 2027 we still have a country we will be left with

  5. Was Big Brother wrong for stepping in in Rwanda? When injustices are done in a country i think its ok for other countries to step and and say "no this is not right." Especially when those are others are funding a major part of our economy