Friday, February 29, 2008

Scene @ the Hospital Bed

the man falls sick and this are the events that follow his hospitalization....
It is no secret that Kenyan Men rarely have one woman. There is bound to be the Mistress, Wife & others. Infact it would be a pleasure to find a man who don't have a secret love child who he bore within the realms of his current marriage.  Thus the marital bed is not the preserve of one. All these women think this is their man even with the full facts of his waywardness. Not that women are innocent but seeing we are talking about a man.
Woman 1 (wife) takes husband to hospital...takes him meals....comforts him and then leaves.
As she walks out, a hot woman who she prolly even looks at enters holding a bouquet of flowers no nothing, red hot lipstick goes straight to the hospital bed and gives the poor sick man a kiss (good stuff). lingers around then walks out and meets with a young thingie (maintained by the man)
young thingie most likely lives in Box and is only too happy to own a hot Nokia Phone and some trendy jeans.
Who do you think man is most happy to see?