Monday, March 03, 2008

you can't please all... President Kibaki

When the rest of Kenyans were excited at the peace deal, these are some of the nasty words that described President Kibaki
He is a coward
He is a fool
He is a push over
He can't stand by his decisions...
Well..When i rode to Thika this weekend, discussion started again
Kibaki has sold us
We would rather Matiba, he would never have sold us..Matiba and Michuki think how much of a formidable force that would have been. The people discussed on and off of how weak the President is.
I don't know, i have not been in a position to want to talk about it myself because no community owns the presidency. Obviously some people feel aggrieved but i can be honest that it has been a much easier, relaxing time for me and i think everyone feels that way.
I don't know if there is greater courage than giving up on something when you know everyone else will brand you a coward.
And yes you can't please everyone all the time.


  1. It felt like it to start with-i.e he had caved in. I laso didn't understand what was the pt of stringing everybody along for that whole time. Also what does it portend for the future? What if say Ruto stands for the same seat but feels he has been cheated by RO in 2017-we'll be back to Jan/Feb 2008 again?

    Lakini, on reflection over the weekend I think if they work together, we may get the best of both worlds. We'll get to see what RO can deliver as opposed to talk about and for those of us keeping it real, Kibz will ensure the economy continues to grow.

  2. This is shyte - get a life

  3. This deal favors PNU.

    3/5 of the executive tenure positions(President, VP and Deputy PM) belong to pnu Raila "supervises" a cabinet that he cant least the PNU members Cabinet is approved by the president...that means president is head of state and government President chairs who is the boss
    President controls parliament calender VP is leader of govt business yet PM "supervises" govt?
    VP is also minister for home affairs..yet PM is supervising cabinet and home affairs going to be supervised by VP and or PM and who is boss over the other Where is it written or signed about distribution of crucial ministries? Finance is the key and is PNU keeping it? And Raila cant fire Kimunya.

    Civil service appointments?Oh by the way Uhuru already nominated 100 councillors more than he is supposed to. This is obviously abuse of power yet Raila can fire him. He will probably be deputy PM...

    ODM should not have negotiated with people that stole an election. A thief belongs to jail and not continue being president.

  4. Mwangi - the Displaced AfricanMonday, March 03, 2008 9:32:00 PM

    As the son of a Kiuk I have no idea why Kiuks are complaining. God just pulled us out of what could have been ethnic cleansing. I think the last people to complain should be Kiuks.

    But you're right, you can't please everybody every time. Better for most of the country to be happy and on the road to health and a few sour people left complaining.

  5. Kibaki must be kicking himself in the foot daily regretting why he turned friend Raila of 2002 into his foe over the MoU. If Kibaki was cunning back then he could have adhered to the maxim "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" by appointing Raila ceremonial PM under the current constitution and not reneging on his well documented stand supporting the Bomas draft prior to coming to power.

    To nettle the hornest nest of a shrewd and aggressive political player of Raila's calibre is to invite sleepless nights at statehouse every single day. I would not wish Raila as an opponent on my worst enemy

    I Have no sympathy for kibaki at all he brought all this mess to himself..had he not rigged elections he would be happy somewhere and respected former president.. will shed no tear if he is screwed like Moi and his NPD-KANU merger.....

  6. Since independence we Kikuyus have done more harm than good to Kenya. Immediately after the British left Oginga Odinga was so magnimous that he gave Kenyatta the Presidency on a silver platter. He was a nationalist who believed in Kenya very strongly and wasnt a tribalist at all but Kenyatta was a great tribalist and till today history has refused to honor him. He planted the seeds of tribalism and assassinated many Luos plus one Kikuyus JM Kariuki who championed the cause of the poor. He killed Tom Mboya..Pio Gama Pinto..Jean Seroney..Argwings Kodhek...JM Kariuki..Ronald Ngala..and and Bildad Kaggia very poor..exiled Kungu Karumba..all these people were in the forefront in fighting for independence..and we Kikuyus thought that it was okay and other tribes were foolish and didnt notice what we did.

    We then got all the plum jobs from Kenyatta and all the scholarships to go abroad..and all the government..then most of us became big time thieves and we robbed major banks without being apprehended..we then built large buildings in nairobi and invested stolen money in the private sector..there was no hardworking at this time and all these gave us a foundation where today we brag of hardworking..Kenyatta then moved large population of Kikuyus into riftvalley..for we always said that Kalenjins were foolish and we took their land and settled..this policy has come back to haunt us very badly in 2007...violence and death...

    When Kenyatta died..we want the Presidency again very badly..selfishness and greediness did not leave us alone..remember the Change the Constitution group of Kariuki Chotara and Kihika Kimani..but Njonjo too wanted power another Kikuyu..In our confusion fighting for power..Moi was installed as a stop gap before we get a Kikuyu there..but he stuck and our plan was destroyed by chance..Our greediness did not help us that time.We fought Moi and called him a passing cloud..but he ruled for 24 years.In 1992 we Kikuyus wanted back the Presidency very badly for to us no one could be the president but us.Both Matiba and Kibaki went into the race and Moi won..We always believed that Matiba was robbed the presidency..

    In 1997 again we sent Kibaki but he lost to Moi and protested.We still believed that Kenyans wanted a Kikuyu president.In 2002 by a stroke of luck..Kibaki was supported by all major tribes and he won the presidency but we still sent Uhuru too.We wanted the presidency very badly.We got it but our dishonesty and greediness soon took shape and Kibaki refused blatantly to honor the MoU that he signed in broad-daylight..he too disbanded the Summit that helped him win the presidency in 2002.Kikuyus told him that we have gotten the cow and now we must milk it thoroughly..we started practicing tribalism in its highest level..all appointments were give to Kikuyus both in government and parastatals..we kikuynized the economy..we kikuynized the public service and we kikuyunized the private sector..meanwhile peace loving Kenyans were watching...

    We didnt care for we knew that we shall buy them with money and they will support us..we bought Kombo..Kituyi..Mungatana..Mwakwere..Nyachae..and many others..but going into the election in 2007 we knew that we had no support that could win us the was Kenyans versus Central..and we knew we were headed for a loss..but we hatched a plan to rig the elections and we rigged..but Kenyans this time refused our greediness and selfishness and they were determined to make sure that democracy prevailed..In our private lives we knew that Kibaki rigged..any reasonable person knew that..but in public we insisted that he won..we are hypocrites..we kikuyus..we are geedy..and we are selfish..we have helped destroy Kenya.and we need to apologize to all Kenyans..

    Today our future in this country is very bleak because of ourselves and our greediness..never wanting to share..and always going around the law..recently Uhuru Kenyatta changed 100 names of councillors nominated by their parties..thats how we are..always stealing..We Kikuyus must change our attitudes and we must stop being greedy and selfish..we must know that Kenya has 42 ethnic no ethnic group will ever vote for a Kikuyus and our future is really bleak..thats why Kibaki fears an election..and all Kikuyus fear any election nationwide..we are today looked at very negatively by all including Luhyas..Kalenjins..Luos..Maasais..Coastals..we are almost done but we cant even see that..we are still yapping and calling others names..when will we learn Kikuyus?????

  7. anon: can your pea-brain handle irony?
    Kip: your comment reminds me of that tv clip of looters in Ukwala in K-City. Some came out with mismatched shoes, others stole carpets for their mud huts. Another stole a Tv which on being placed on his bicycle broke it. Finally there was a guy who just stole a bicycle which I understand he is now doing boda-boda business with. There were many thieves in the 2007 General Election, but we've all moved on to a grand coalition which I hope works out because it might be the best we've ever had in Kenya.
    "Kariuki wa Njehia"- Moi was in power for 24 yrs i.e. he ruled Kenya longer than anybody else. Kikuyu-phobia like Raila-phobia needs to seize bcos we've just had 1,500+ Kenyans killed over it...

  8. that vybe of "kibaki sold us" is puke. how can people still think in such terms after what we have been through over the last 2 months?

  9. kip said...

    This deal favors PNU.

    3/5 of the executive tenure positions(President, VP and Deputy PM) belong to pnu Raila "supervises" a cabinet that he cant least the PNU members Cabinet is approved by the president...

    Kip, the VP is not a tenure position. Kibaki himself is former statistc of the 1pm KBC news bulletin.

    Watching Kenyans wishing each other Happy New Year almost two months after the event, brought it home to me just how deeply Kibaki wronged the nation by stealing the elections. Suddenly we are drowning in congratulation messages!

    Kibaki let us down badly, he has one last chance to make amends.

  10. ODM supporters were right kibaki is a usless self seeking man IDPs are still in the cold and the man is smiling useless kabisa a coward- He should resign and thrown in jail with ruto .This two are the worst kenyans