Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag I am It

One of my favourite bloggers for real is back with a tag

Random things about Shiroh not Girl in the Meadow

  1. I have a conscience and a deep one. I am not the kind of person who can do crazy stuff and feel like i did nothing. On the surface it appears so but my God it affects sometimes i just ran to the adoration chapel and feel like crying.
  2. I can't date light coloured men...there you have it...sawwrrrrry. They don't attract me at all. maybe its because the ones i have have turned out weak but that doesn't mean all are that's just my experiences.
  3. Well to be honest, i find it hard to forgive people at least completely. I cannot stand personal attacks. So if you are fond of telling me of just how fat i am or such kind juz know i aint into it!!
  4. I luuuurve Music totally. from country  to Mugiithi to anything with beats i am into it. I sometimes sing on the streets so guys stop and ask "ati?" Idle Kenyans!!! When the music is good i am at Zen or is it Nirvana??
  5. I like experimenting. People get caught up in my experiments.   And then Numero 1 comes to haunt me and i feel like shyt for a few days. Enough said.
  6. I am right handed, left footed. When i go for aerobics you never know what happens. The instructor says right leg curl, i do left leg curl, says right hand i do left leg right hand. Jesus!! Thanks God for aerobics i am learning to co-ordinate my movements.
I tag


  1. As a fellow member of the right handed left footed club let me just say that all the other people whose hands and legs coordinate are weirdos and losers and we are the best people ever. It's not you who is wrong, it's the instructor that's wrong and the whole system is out of order lol

  2. Madam,

    I already did this tag last month. Here is the link

  3. Ahem...I know you's trying to make me go back to my blog lakini...hehehehe

    1-I feel you! I'm unable to be flippant esp if I say sth to someone without the best of intentions. My conscience just eats me up.
    2.Again. YES. Kwanza me I can't do short and light. And people think I'm being vain when i say that.
    3.Haiya, again...I've been struggling with that forgiving and forgetting thing since time immemorial.