Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things i learnt from TZ

1. We don't sell  until you greet us! salamu kwanza
2. If you push for service you get none.
3. If you wanted to do your things faster, wake up earlier. Usituharakishe bana.
4. We don't sell everything to you. We don't sell whole packets, what will the next person buy?
5. Pole dancing, what is that?
6. You Kenyans ni wajeuri
7. You don't drink your whole beer, share please.
8.I am the ministers driver, bow down when you see me LOL

Anyway i hope ya'll had a great Easter! I did.


We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.


  1. LOOOL!
    Glad you had fun.
    @ no 1: its not just salaam its "shikamoo!"

  2. TZ folk never fail to make my day with their etiquette.

  3. u got to give props to our neighbours down south. coz damn kenyans nowadays are us unfriendly as the Americans and Europeans

  4. I fully agree with point #1. Was raised that way and operate all forms of personal & business interaction in the same way. Doesn't matter whether someone is bringing thousands or pennies, if they're civil and courteous first they get excellent service.

  5. You're making me wish I was born in TZ. I have always thought of Bongo-ites as great, likable people and this just reinforces and adds to that. Hope you enjoyed your trip.