Monday, March 31, 2008

don't ask for advice; if you don't need it

There are a breed of people who just tire me; those that come to ask you for advice that they don't need.

My life could be entirely stress free if i could come up with such sentences

Candy is
but Liquor
is quicker

Yeah but mofos still think i should spend my life listening to their problems and worse still going back to their undesired state of life even after burdening me with the same.

I happen to be a keen follower of DNA's one hit wonder lyric
"Si tuna shida zetu, tusikize zako kwa nini?"

By the way its not that i do not love to help out people. Infact i am a very good listener or rather extremely good one. But when you ask me for advice about something, i do not expect you to follow it to the letter but i do not expect you to go back to the same so called stress after one day.

The space i have in my hard disk (head) is preserved for important matters.

Ok so where is this going

A gal comes gives you of a story of how the friend is draining her. You advise that is not proper for any kind of a relationship to be draining. Two days later they come hand in hand as if in mock.

Because i am getting tired of what these people did i will simply just say if your relationship with whatever, boy/girl, girl/girl, mother/daughter is draining you and you still intend to stick by it write all the problems that happen within in a journal!

I do tell people my problems only when i intend to do something about it. It's a waste of valuable mental space to keep bitching to all and sundry about your stressful relationship which you intend not to terminate.

I have no time nor space for people's mundane outbursts meant to seek sympathy.


  1. My dear, some people just want attention while others just want a sounding board; they were planning to do whatever they had planned even before you popped into the picture. So at times you need to keep off and avoid such people for your own good.

  2. I hope blogger has trackbacks; I wrote about this pandemic just the other day though I must admit that I am not as exasperated as you are about it but it's pretty sad when everyday what could be time taken to have a delightful convo becomes a bitching session. Let me head on over and track back now....

  3. @Aco, i know better

    @mwangi, i am not sure blogger has track back. I don't like bitching sessions at all

  4. Lovely rant. I second it.