Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I need a Friend

It is said you are lucky to even have one friend in your lifetime.

I scream “I need a friend”

What for you may ask?
To laugh with
To tell dirty little secrets

I had a friend once
I cried on her shoulders when I discovered I had serpents for friends
We laughed at stupid jokes
We partied together
Made stupid mistakes (not about to tell)
We hanyed without cash and enjoyed thoroughly
Distance did our friendship damage
Life put us on different paths!
I called her last night

When I wasn’t there she missed me
When she wasn’t there I missed her
All before the advent of the mobile technology
We wrote notes then

That’s why I say I need a friend
I once thought I had a friend
But then,
I didn’t
She was like my sister
Or she wanted me to believe
Damn you, may you rot in hot hell
For what you did to me

I need a friend
To understand the complex being I am
Just to accept the faulty person that I am
I know I am not perfect
And I don’t want to be
All I want is a good friend