Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Little Snippets

Venue: Buffet Park, Hurlingham

Entry of Kenyan Pundit behind the scenes
Whisper ; that is Kenyan Pundit
Milo; No, that’s not her (very interested) .
The boy already thoroughly whipped
Shiroh: That’s her (from a vague recollection of what M had said)
Milo watches in awe, Nick stands up (yes he did in anticipation)
My name is Nick, Shiroh is my name
Milo: My name is Isaac…oops
We all looked at each other …no one had heard of the name before

Who wants more of this ..there is much to tell.
As an after thought , Nick the much sought baby face (might it be the face of an ugly baby Daudi?) hey will u wanna come for our next meeting? “Meeting” I said to myself, maybe just to discuss why the hell did they have to hire Nick as part of admin? I was ready to add my 2 cents on why it was the next worst idea after cornflakes….Being a part of the decision making crew of KBW..they needed my skills to draft an MOU, what kind of guys get in the admin of KBW. Hurriedly after a trip, I make my way to Hurlingham (note all this time I am supposed to be Nick’s concubine) he has not even offered to pick me up! I am sure Blue has something to say about those habits that Nick and his ilk from Med School pick up in 5 years and spend the rest of their lives unleashing to unsuspecting female folk.

“Every body loves Nick”
seemed to be the reason why Nick was hired! If I said Nick wasn’t lovable I would be lying and if I said he is bulliable I am even being more truthful. So I walk in Thinker extends a warm hand (my key board tried to type hug) no firm handshake you know those that your grandmother extends when she hasn’t seen for 5 years. I hear hes got this thing going with G and it would have not been very bright.

Odds got me sitting near Nick! He knew very well I would have preferred it near Mental but what the heck! Must do what he must to keep concubine since Mistress has found a better shoulder! Nick is a quiet schemer. So Nick gulped his first tequila, I knew very well he wasn’t a seasoned mlevi of this stuff. Anyway I watched closely as he did his first shuba doo (or what does Gishungwa call it) it was first very slow rubbing a nearby pole. He shamelessly flirted with the first waitress (forget it Blue was sitting all the time)

“Hey Ma’am what nice legs you have” So by that time Gishungwa was ready to help out Nick. The shuba doos weren’t working any more. Let the lap dance begin. Enyewe there Gish is a master. Hopeless Nick lost balance, kept his eyes on the waitress. Mastered how to put his legs in the right place that is between the thighs. When Hendrix came to the scene then he had to bow out and watch how that is being done.

The sobering effect of the lap dance got Nick asking for a fanta (why pay more I insist). So I help with a little vodka..Hey I got to watch this. “I have never seen your legs” you hear Thinker! He has never seen my legs!”@ I told him it could wait and it is not my fault he has never seen my leg. Hey you guys my my the next thing I knew a guy was down lifting my trouser. What do you call traumatic experiences! My ooh my. Relax my guy I told him. Luckily the go lucky happy waitress was back so Nick relaxed put his best behavior suit. Whoever said you can’t hide love.

The guy whispers in the waitress some stuff and the girl giggles. All this time I had not realized that Nick was the hopeless romantic here. He couldn’t even help me pour my drink .WTF (I had put him in the strange bedfellow status with romance). More tequila please! “Let the party begin”

Milo sat quietly, looking at Kenyan Pundit all the time (need I say again) throwing daggers at M. Apparently M had met her previously and there was more bonding. All the while Nick still doesn’t have the name of the waitress and quite frankly he frantically begged me to ask for her name. He promised to pour my drink at least and I got the name. Liz. Can you imagine Nick accused me of sexual harassment! After going all the way down he wanted to play victim. Witty Nick…

More lap dance more tequila, and by 10 p.m. some waitress worked no longer. Nick held her on his laps. I begged him to let the girl work so it happened all too fast. 2 seconds must have been…accurately.


  1. I have photos from Kenya on both of my blogs.

  2. Ok, after you all talked on phone, email & IM about how everyone will approach this "meet up"...did anyone imagine there will be one blogger out of the 100-plus doubting this unless documented evidence in the form of photos is brought forward? LOL!

  3. @akiey, hey you really want some pics i will make sure Mental post some..


    You know, I'm poor. I don't have a tv.

    Why do you think I blog so much?

    This, for me, is TV!!

    Tushauriane (kbw)

    like CSI (NY)

    but so much more interesting!

  5. keguro lol
    I am enjoying reading this, should we expect part two ama?

    And is just me ama your blog got pop ups.

    Pictures please!

  6. lol some people forgot their names ah... that is good . But I insist we want pictures hata kama ni mental who is keeping them we want OK???

  7. Good One! i smell a blog-war annihilation of the concubine! Ati tequila and waitress combi lol squared...let me retreat strategically and plan a comeback...(woe is me i smell a ganging up on me coming up soon LMAO)

  8. Keguro-the saga continues
    Farmgal-If Nick Retreats, part 2 wil come,dunno abt the popups
    @Prous,talk to Mental nicely
    @Nick, i lying
    @bj,could get better

  9. We want pictures, hard-copy? lol

    Sounds interesting hopefully part II is in the oven...

  10. Thats nice.. wait was i to come? i was held up in the sand... any last one can avail maself..

  11. At last another side to this blog meet up story! Reading Nick's article makes one think he was an angel at the meet up!

    Giggling at Milo/Isaac:)

  12. lol...i need to join this "we want pictures" campaign...hebu you unleash them. glad y'all had fun :)

  13. @Poi, sorry i dont have pics,thx
    @nakeel,held up an appeal4 u to avail ua namba,most of the UK folks are bak, tho we stil can do more here in Kenya. Email me ua namba
    @Mshairi,don b fooled by baby face..Milo is Isaac so we wea to discover.
    @cute-angel,beg Mental and Guess

  14. Kumbe you malizad me hivi?

    Aki wewe Shiroh

    This is war!!!