Monday, January 30, 2006

For the love of soaps

I had solemnly swore to soap abstinence.

That is hardly a promise i can keep. And i have learnt how to watch two soaps

1 Look for the soap that starts early enough. In my case Secreto starts earlier than Cuandos.

2. Commercials come in handy. At least they don't have commercial breaks at the same time.

3. Keep the remote nearest for any boring conversation that you particularly don't like;

4.It works like fire and kerosene put together.

Never miss a soap!

These Latin American Soaps, as they range from Spanish speaking countries to Portuguese ones have same storylines. Just don't know whats the addiction.

Pretty Maids-Now if only your brothers had access to this pretty things in small dresses.

Mixture of squalor and splendor. Powerful Families & Rich ones, then there are the destitutes.

Evil wives- "I am going to destroy her!" is but a cliche'

Man falls in love with maid- Of course the maids are pretty.Wife finds out and threaten to eliminate her from the face of the earth.

Same old story Man marries maid at the end of the soap.

And Yippee, next soap please.


  1. EEh I though it was only me who was hooked to the soaps but tell you they are catchy and soo addictive.
    How is your week?

  2. By The way you have reminded me!! The last time I was in Kenya there was a soap called Todo Sobre Camila. I was so addicted to this soap I even wanted to cancel my flight so as to stay another week to watch what happened next. My sis had to send me emails every week with a recap but a few weeks after being away from it the withdrawal symptoms stopped and i completely forgot about it until NOW!!! So did Camila and Alejandro end up together (yes i know they did but i wish i'd seen how they got there in the end. In all the soaps they do end up together but its always different the way they do it.) Well, i'm happy i'm not addicted to anything right now.

  3. Even my pops I'm told followsa this, so I might get him a tivo soon only for the nights clients keep him late at work LOL

    Have a most lovely week, dear girl!

    Hugs n kisses to kid bro

  4. One day you shall be delivered...but before then enjoy your soap operas!!!!!

  5. The thrill is in the simplicity of the stories and characters we all love and hate, human nature as the theme, my addiction got finished with Wild Rose, I have fallen asleep watching Todo Sobre and co.I cannot believe kina Ridge Forrester and co are still on the screens 10 years later since I first heard of them. But a catchy one comes I shall watch.