Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Prophecy eludes Kenya once again

Kikuyus are told of Mugo Wa Kibiru who was a prophet(the only one i know of myself).He warned them of the coming of the White Man in a very funny way. And they didn't believe him.

I assume my ancestors would not want to be associated with the clothes i adorn with so much pride today.They would horror at the sight of bleached women and the cars that we can't do without. They would probably want to go back to their graves on landing the land they once knew.If they only had known the prophecy would one day come true.

And ignoring prophecy does come to haunt us once again in the disaster that hit Nairobi two days ago. It is not the first time that buildings have come down. A few years ago the same happened in Umoja.

Poor supervision by the city council of buildings in the city has caused erection of many highrise buildings in the wrong places. The once Road Minister Raila Odinga had made an executive order that all the buildings should be pulled down. This became history once Power to him became more important.

It is pity that Kenya will never foresee a disaster even if it was thrown at it in the face one day before.

Yet there is this man i watched in NTV making a mockery of the people in the rubris telling them not to raise their arms (how the hell were they supposed to hear!)

My heart goes out to the people who lost their loved ones in that unfortunate incident.

Let the blame game begin, because the sackings have.


  1. Hey there.
    That "The once Road minister had made an order that........became history once power became nore important..." is the truest definition of the state of the country today.
    All this when the papers are full of nameless people hoarding billions of OUR money! Many questions still need to be asked. Lest we forget.... as we are apt to.

  2. Very very sad indeed.
    I hope there is some available legal recourse for the victims.
    Unfortunately, there is a culture of incompetence and the hypocrisy of low expectations that are so prevalent in virtually every aspect of life in Kenya. We definitely need to get our act right lest we continue seeing such tragedies.

  3. Tragic what happened in Nairobi. Scanning the papers I came across a legal matter btw the council and some developer. The developer's flats are to be demolished for not following some procedure.

    Was this a genuine case or did the developer fail / refuse to bribe someone? And what happens next? They get strict for a few months then back to square one?

    Tragic. I wonder what catastrophe awaits coz of pples greed?

  4. We are honestly lacking strong and competent leaders and the good ones we get in get sucked into the system very fast and self agrandisment takes over.

    It is vicious and scary.

    My heart & prayers go out to those families who lost loved ones and to all those who got injured.

  5. Let me join you in sending a prayer to all those affected by yet another tragedy in Kenya.