Monday, January 16, 2006

Kiss Fm..sounding a death knell for local artistes?

I sometimes listen to Kiss Fm especially in the morning when going to work.I immensely enjoy listening to Carol Mutoko. To add i also admire her for making a radio presenter's job a plum one.
Anyway at least everyone in Nairobi especially has in one time or another listened to Kiss FM.

For a while now i have argued that if there is one prowess Kiss has developed is slowly but surely killing the local music industry. Many artistes have even been reported to bribe the programmes controller to ensure their songs are played on the said station (rumours).

At first they seem to develop the artiste, make them popular,enjoy numerous well attended shows, ask for more cash when they have to entertain private functions. But look at what finally happens to them. We no longer hear them,.Nons, Nameless,Mr. Lenny,.Tattuu

A successful career of an artiste is been able to sell their videos, tape cassette,Dvds,Vcds,Cds.At one point artistes become tired of attending shows they want to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labour and who wouldn't.

So how is KISS involved,it kills their music by overplaying it. A song is out today and after one month nobody wants to listen to it. Yesterday i heard one song play in a span of two hours in the station. And to make matters worse , they don't pay the artistes royalties. What is worse Kiss FM or Pirates in the streets?


  1. Hey Shiroh, in first today is a great honour for me. Well, KISS FM is fierce and the owner invested in great people like Carol. He is a very bright guy too.

    I know Carol personally and is she not only beautiful but a great presenter and person who has cut a niche for herself and a cut above all others.

  2. Nice post!Well stations do pay royalties but they never do get to the artistes.As for bribing i dont know if Kiss is in that mix but I do agree that some stations kill a song by over playing it so that at the end of the day no-one wants to buy the cd!

  3. Agree with you totally. Why would I but the CD if I can listen to the song three times in three hours every day?

  4. Shi gal u gat that one right there for me except the morning show i cant withstand anythingelse from there..
    They are killing the artistee every hour and they dont pay them they instead wait for the artists to pay them.. Nameless and Lenny did that they were given good air play as Redsan CD's were being thrown out with the deliveryman.. Where are they now??
    Just stay put dont give them your Cds and soon they will be running for the artists to give them atleast a song to play..

    Thanks gal...

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  6. The blame lies with the Music Society Of Kenya. Many artistes complain that the society give sthem a raw deal.

  7. I think the problem is largely with the culture of people wanting to screw others for their own benefit. There's lack of professionalism and ethics and that always breeds problems.

  8. I hate KISS fm with a passion and i think mixin Nyambane with Carol was a mistake that somehow seemed to have worked well.

    Now-Carol is a great presenter but the reason i dont listen to them is the fact they repeat songs left right and centre

    They kill songs totally-in the mat to and from nyeri if kiss is on- i can hear the same song three one scenario a presenter end with song 'x'. the nest presenter comes in and 3songs later its song 'x'...

    As for royalties:please that doesnt exist in kenya. As ojwang if he gets royalties for reruns of vitimbi let alone radio play...

  9. That's very true Kiss can be a total piss-off on the real, no hating!

    I say they be as bad as them pirates! LOL

  10. @bj,Carol i agree is a great presenter
    @acolyte,why are they so motivated to play a song until it cannot be bought on a CD
    @Prousette, that is exactly my point, in 3 hours one song will be played like it is the only one. A rumour went once that the station does not invest in CDS instead borrows
    @nakeel, there you go gal, do the Akon thing let them come to you
    @Nick, hate is a strong word especially when mixed with passion. Nyams and Carol entertain me if i can ignore their repetition of songs, there is no other breakfast show so..And i do agree they kill songs
    @Poi, maybe they are worse than the pirates

  11. KISS FM has a very liberal interpetation of what "fresh new music first" means.

    But it's true. They overplay and overkill music.

  12. True true....
    Kiss Fm is killing music, but
    Mgalla muue na haki umpe...
    Businesswise kiss is making good money, ads & marketing. Their site is real nice.
    If only the'd expand their music horizons...

  13. @M, i think they construe the meaning of the word fresh music in its most elastic form.
    @Sammie, right now business is good, but there will come a time when a station will come and declare a natural death on them.

  14. Siro, I am so glad you posted this. Those guys ANNOY ME! I used to love PussyCat Dolls 'stick with you' but they have just ruined it! Still, I like how Brash Caroline is. But she is not like hilariously funny or witty like that Phil Mathews was

  15. Musical career –Clay court- Daily Nation 20/01/06

    Often times, entertainment writers tell Kenyan "celebs" that they can find a way out of their bad lyrics by hiring songwriters the way rappers in the West do. After listening to local "celebs", I figured I could launch my “musical career" by writing songs, or some semblance of it, just like they do. I will stick to the rules, and write meaningless lyrics, just like theirs. Nilikutana na manzi moja sawa/ akanishow nimpeleke kwa kahawa/lakini vile ilikuwa ni weekend/nilimshsow tuende home tuka spend/akasema sisi si ma lover/basi nikaona nimpeleke Java. Those are the opening lines, and the refrain which will be sang by people I do not know, will be interspersed with shouts of Mikono Juu (Hands in the air) or Piga Makofi (Clap). My producer will decide which computer-generated track to use. I told her she has set my heart on fire/ and she said that I am a liar/ macho zake zinameta kama star/nikiziona ninataka kulala/ she said she wanted sambuca/ to drink while listening to kapuka. The chorus will be a whole new line: Nipe kabati/ nikupe kaimati/ lete shati/ nilete chapati, followed by vile tutafanya. Sikuwa nataka kuchonga viazi/ nikamwambia akunywe kiasi/na awe composed kama Tuju/ ingawaje ni kama ako na juju/ anaongea sana kama Kalembe/ na ni msupuu kama maembe. The refrain will again change to my name being spelt out, followed by mimi ni new attraction/ ninawaletea action. The back-up vocals will be done by singers I did not rehearse with. When it became dark/ we went in to the park/ after crossing the road/ which had a wide load/ badaaye tukaenda kwa bafu/ akacomplain ni chafu/ wacha tucheze muziki/ nimegundua hii ndiyo riziki. When my producer will have finished with the track, I will start hawking the CDs and give others to radio stations and entertainment writers. Then I will start complaining that the media are killing local talent and that Music Copyright Society of Kenya and radio stations are not paying artistes’ royalties. But above all, I will have become a celeb — and that is what matters.

  16. I dont think so what is killing. Kiss is in fact propmoting those shody "musicians" unless i hear them on radio can't waste ma dalla for s'thing like under 18. Keep airing those musik.

  17. after spending the last two months back home, i soooo agree with you.

    1. as with kenyanmusings, kissfm almost ruined "stick wit u" for me - thanx to the video, it's just an almost...

    2. i got the feeling that it's a rule at kiss fm to begin every full hour with "lighters up" from lil' kim or once in a while "get your number" by mariah

    3. i know the playlist for the 10 pm show ("the top 10 love songs at ten, blabla...) by heart. the songs are the same ones and in the same order almost every evening... come on guys!