Monday, January 23, 2006

Is the Media corrupt?

In the wake of NEW REVELATIONS let me add to the mood by asking;

Is it true that editors of Newspapers are often paid to kill stories? (a rumour)
Is it true that some correspondents have a hard time paying their bills because they have no connections at the top?
Is it true that bosses at our so called media house give sexual harassment a totally new name?

All of you have a nice week.


  1. There are very many vested interests in the media, let alone corruption.

    Their objectivity is very suspect

  2. Yes to your post title just like most institutions,cannot afford to shoot the poose that lays the golden eggs knowhattamean? So objectivity is compromised?

  3. @nakeel,1st confirmation,thank you
    @m 2nd and going strong
    @prous, i strictly wondered if there was any objectivity
    @Kenyan Pundit..4th confirmation and going strong

  4. i wont even comment on the corruption lets just begin with the quality of journalism.kenyan journalism is pathetic stupid stories,cheap properganda:::::see irenas blog on famine and ministers.

    Honestly i think kenyan journalist need more exposure maybe we should try organize internships with washington post/ baltimore sun or houston chronicle.The news media is ment to educate people not entertain many people working in kenyan media at any level even have a masters from a recognized university in journalism How many? please name one ? am not saying that you need a masters to write but that just tellS you what the state of media is like in kenya .

  5. I do not have credible information to qualify your questions, so I'll pass but mmh got me thinking..

  6. like bj, don't have first hand info but i wouldn't be surprised. with the level of corruption in kenya, why would media houses be immune?

  7. @Joe,i don't know what are the qualifications of those people who get to write but i know for a fact they are not always the ones who deserve.
    @bj, i am jus asking, rumours i have heard and strong ones
    @cute_angel, don't give up on us but there is a very high possibility

  8. True, see three sides to the media, Mutua's comments:

  9. This story is so so so known that I can even give you examples.MP holds press conference and makes very inflamatory statements about another tribe and makes threats about their continued presence in his constituency.All journalists their are given a hefty brown envelope, what appears in the press is an eloquent statement from the MP decrying the disenfranchisement of his own people by other parties in his constituency.Example 2:Manu Chandarias workers go on strike,feature comes on 7 pm news.Money changes hands and nothing shows up on 9pm news.BTW all workers arrested and fired plus nothing on that in the media my pal who represented them told me their story.
    I have loads more thats just the icing on the cake.Poor pay for journalists makes bribes very tempting but does not justify it....

  10. There needs to be a Kenyan/African version of Nigeria's Elendu Reports...Imperfect as they are, their presence has shaken the status quo.

  11. The media, depending on ownership, ideology, and political climate, is certainly open to manipulation. Very sad about the sexual harassment issue.

  12. @bankelele,thx for the reference..i see now.
    @acolyte,now that is deep
    @whisperin In i have heard to be a Tv anchor in some stations then you have to give the boss some.

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