Monday, June 16, 2008


Don't get me wrong (disclaimer)

After the Harambee Stars match, the stars started singing "Obama, Oliech, Odinga". Point being?

The win was ecstatic with thousands of Kenyans watching the match aside from that so not welcome tribal insinuation. The stars should remember all Kenyans are with them regardless.

And that not in football alone

When ODM fronted a Kipsigis by name Nge'no, Nkaissery could no longer understand democracy, it was tribal issues again. NO way could a Kipsigis lead the Maasais. Wow!

When Esther Passaris fronted herself she said "Ni Muthoni" just to appeal to the larger Kikuyu community of Embakasi and she stated rightfully of course that her mother hails from Naromoru.  That didn't work for her even if i really wanted her to win. I was negatively touched by her appeals. I think she is a brilliant strong person and she didn't have to go to that extent to appeal to the voters.

Somethings just won't magically disappear.