Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the more things change.....

This happens in America too. 
Waah and they thought it only happens in Kenya. Condiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....what do you say?
Is Balala still King of the Coast, i highly doubt. His quest for Lesotho might not really succeed if this is the trend of a ..........LOSER.
Started here
Was lost here
Starting to have a last laugh.
And whoever does not know that politics is a dirty game need to stay out of it. Cry babies are not meant for this kind of game. Get out of politics my friend if you can't handle the Mad MAD, betrayal, dirty tricks put your adjective of choice here.....Up your game, if money is poured; pour more and more until your opponent gives up. Ala kwani these people did not read The Godfather.
Nigeria's president was reluctant to entertain Raila because ________________________
The last two weeks were progressive because_____________________________
As M once said this couintry runs on autopilot. Please Annan keep those people locked up for as long as you can.