Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All things Ugandan

There are two things that will make Kenya salivate in Uganda

You don’t have to travel to the coast to get good hotels. They are spacious, next to the lake, with beautiful views. Awesome. You haven’t seen the Kampala Serena hotel; had some time there and all I can say is Heavenly place.

There is still too much land in Kampala town. I mean you can hardly walk Nairobi.

Disappointing things

That Celtel connection thing is a fake. No calls were going through; I could only send Text messages.

The buildings are largely like those of a small town in Kenya. For some reasons they reminded me of Embu town. They are too basic. Architects are needed in that country. Obviously the town is largely disorganized and 1001 roundabouts!!!

Business savvy is lacking. The private hire taxis; if you don’t call the driver Ssebo, they decline to take you where you are going.

Reminded of an episode I had at Mombasa. I called the woman selling the stuff “we!” coz when the Nairobians don’t know your name we use the word “We”. Needless to say I had a bit of tongue lashing from her.

Generally, there is no aggressiveness in business is lacking and everyone is just too slow.

When a Nairobian asks for a beer, he/she wants it immediately!!!

I visited one club since I had only one free night. Ange Noir. Boy ooh boy the Ugandans can club. And they don’t go to sip beer and sit down like all these Nairobians; They Dance. The entrance is 15,000 Ugandan Shillings.

A snide remark was made that Kenyans are proud; Ati we were dancing with maring’o. Now how?


Jay Z and Beyonce are about/have broken up. Listening to the song Lost Ones from Jay Z saying she loved work more than she did him. I just thought; either way we look at it Work is a bitch; would never love work more than I do him.

Ugandan Blog to make your day


Hats tip White African

Ugandan Designer with a helluva talent; Sylvia Owori. I saw her designs in a magazine that I believe she publishes and I can say they are ultimately breath taking. I want some of those.


To learn all crimes commitable in Uganda. Read Gish version


Any more Uganda?