Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Who hate this more than me?

Raise your hands up


Who hates this more than me?

Raise your hands up.

Ladies and Gentlemen: some Kenyans are made of that shit.

Mkubwa syndrome

As a commentor on my blog called it “intellectual laziness”

We don’t want to think.

We would rather not.

We follow the masses.

Believe in the adage “the majority wins”

But I digress…
If you find yourself agreeing with everyone; shake your head kidogo

We would not know what is right even if it was thrown on our faces.

Look at the referendum

Hear them saying “We will make sure there is a new constitution” where is it???

Where are they?

Do Kenyans all over sudden detest having a constitution?

What happen to constitution? Constitusheni if you like??

We are carried away…Anglo whatever?

So what?

Corruption where are you?

I would love to suck you out

Mr. Clean where are you?

Are you really Mr. Clean?

What about the voters you bribed Mr. Clean?

What about those relatives of yours you are dishing jobs in parastatals?

You think other Kenyans don’t deserve them?

Why did you care about the KRA recruitment Mr. Clean?

What about the Constituency Development Funds Mr. Clean?

Where are the Accounts?

What about our time?

Why don’t you attend parliament?

We are paying you to do that?

Mr. Mr. Clean we are paying you to pass bills

Let me sleep Mr. Cleans because I would rather remain “Intellectually Lazy” than lose my sleep over you.

I will continue to suffer bad roads

I will continue to live in fear

I will continue to watch my fellow Kenyans die

I will continue to live below a dollar a day

I will continue to buy shoes every month

I cannot afford a car

Though I have read many books than you

You won’t let me

What about your relatives?

Kenyans are not important than them

Don't worry about me, i am not important