Friday, February 10, 2006

Hitting back harder

The words "corruption fights back" by Githongo seem to be taking a back seat as Githongo himself fights even harder.

And with every kick, the men who have been pretending to be "angels" fall. They are too ashamed to say what has hit them.

What is the best you can do when you are an angelic Government Minister and you are taped telling an anti-graft czar to slow down on corruption. The Kenyans feel a disgust in their mouth Mr. President, they don't even care about Goldenberg anymore.

For every shilling a Government official pocket, a Kenyan goes hungry, a Kenyan cannot go to school,a Kenyan drives on a bad road, a Kenyan cannot access basic amenities. How many schools have you Mr.President built since your Government came to power, Kenyatta Hospital remains the only referral Hospital in Kenya. And yet, in your full knowledge, corruption goes on abated and YES we could hold you responsible for abetting corruption!

The most likely things to happen
1. Appoint a commission to look at the Anglo leasing

I am a true believer of NOT GUILTY UNTIL........but in this case, those guys need a little bit of whipping.

2. Say loudly for anyone who cares to hear that everyone will be brought to book.

The ever smiling Attorney General Wako might also hurry up to enter a nolle prosequi for everyone brought to book.

Mr. President,we feel violated! We cannot trust you or whatever you say from now onwards. We are not going to see our glasses half full rather half empty.

Do you think we are capable of bringing anyone to book. The Kenyan society is very sympathetic to the "Big Man". We don't even know what to do. We are not even ready to take them to book honestly. We want the money back but we still don't know what to do with it. We are not even sure we deserve to progress. If we were,we would be hounding those BUFFOONS out of their offices!