Monday, January 16, 2006

Kiss Fm..sounding a death knell for local artistes?

I sometimes listen to Kiss Fm especially in the morning when going to work.I immensely enjoy listening to Carol Mutoko. To add i also admire her for making a radio presenter's job a plum one.
Anyway at least everyone in Nairobi especially has in one time or another listened to Kiss FM.

For a while now i have argued that if there is one prowess Kiss has developed is slowly but surely killing the local music industry. Many artistes have even been reported to bribe the programmes controller to ensure their songs are played on the said station (rumours).

At first they seem to develop the artiste, make them popular,enjoy numerous well attended shows, ask for more cash when they have to entertain private functions. But look at what finally happens to them. We no longer hear them,.Nons, Nameless,Mr. Lenny,.Tattuu

A successful career of an artiste is been able to sell their videos, tape cassette,Dvds,Vcds,Cds.At one point artistes become tired of attending shows they want to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labour and who wouldn't.

So how is KISS involved,it kills their music by overplaying it. A song is out today and after one month nobody wants to listen to it. Yesterday i heard one song play in a span of two hours in the station. And to make matters worse , they don't pay the artistes royalties. What is worse Kiss FM or Pirates in the streets?