Thursday, January 19, 2006

Celebrate the joys of fatherhood

Spending life in the bars seems to be a tradition embraced by many of our men unfortunately. It looks fashionable to spend your life as a married man enjoying the breeze of legitimate sex yet still celebrating the joys of single hood with the boys. Nothing wrong with the same…, only those who have taken down this road live with bitter regrets of their last ages wanting, willing, and wishing that they had been more fatherly to their kids.

Make confessions to those willing to listen that they know that they were bad fathers and terrible husbands. Let’s talk about Mark, the chief Executive of Do me Good Company, taking home an enviable amount of money. He has everything he wants in life, a beautiful house (home) , a pretty (quiet) wife, two healthy bright kids.

Everyone would want to think this guy has the best life, our eyes mirror he has. Damn you say, if only I was a CEO then my life would be as good as Mark’s. Mark had to work his way up the corporate ladder, meaning he spent half his life working hard to make it to the top. Meanwhile his wife and children spent their lives having dinner without the man of the house who often sneaked late in their dreams with work home only to wake up early and finish it.

So now Mark is at the top of his career… what next. He discovered there are numerous spots in the country which he has never visited despite his enviable income not to mention the ever increasing entertainment allowances. The young hotties in town suddenly become very attractive..i don’t blame him. He realizes a room at the Grand Regency can be arranged with much ease once his name is mentioned. Illicit sex becomes his new obsession.

His wife has since become boring and the children have no problem as long as they can mention their newly acquired toys to cause green envy in front of their peers. Daddy is CEO is all that matters to them. The children grow up not knowing daddy….

To all my male friends
Money is important but it is not everything; don’t miss the joys of fatherhood chasing it.
May you become the best daddy there ever was
Money can never make up for your absenteeism
You will regret if you never make up time for your family
Your wife and children are everything to you in the world; they will look after you when you fall from grace
If you never had a daddy, always learn from your uncles and God
Your anger at your own father is not enough to make your own children suffer
Learn not to blame everything on dear daddy; learn from his mistakes and move on

With inspiration from tout noir