Thursday, April 21, 2005


Today I feel like some politics. These are the main players in the scene in the ascending order

These are just a bunch of lakeside mafias(marionettes is only for the Mt.Kenya club, I ain’t sure if they qualify to be mafias but I will give them the benefit of doubt) who due to either their physical, emotional or social orientation cannot make the right decisions for their people . I don’t know what drives them for sure, but power must be one of them. As far as I am concerned the only thing I remember hearing them say is that the Govt broke their M.O.U and from that time hell broke loose.

My one pence advise to the man in state house is give these guys their M.O.U so that this country can proceed to more important things. I have no problem with our lakeside brothers and sisters, (Ker, much love) infact I think they are very bright everywhere else but when It comes to politics guys, pumzikeni you are better off as professors, deans ,scientists, and all other things a bright person can do but politics LOL you score ZERO.


This is where I belong ,not because we are the custodians of power (this still could be the reason) but because I don’t want to complain because if I choose to be in ERO NDI PI
I will be complaining all the time and against the MKM. If you can’t beat ‘em, join’ em
But the main characters in this club can make an interesting movie

1. Kibs the prezzo
This is my role model. Doesn’t react to anything even when insulted . To quote from a mashadite, Some People Act Out of Fear or Greed But Our Prince Charming Doesn’t Act At All.

2. Then there is the guy who has been nicknamed the pig
This one was a powerful broker before his utterances became unbearable to the big man and he is since the transport manager of the club .He is well known for his story of rags to riches . Well the pig idea must have come from the book of Animal Farm.

3. Then there is the guy who can’t rape a woman especially when she is too willing
When this guy opens his mouth we call it verbal diarrhoea .

aluta continua…….