Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can you keep a Secret-Part Deux

This week is all about mwa. So don't patient out
  1.  I listen to Amy Winehouse "You Know I'm no Good" several times a day-play, replay. She is like the most amazing artiste of our times. Too bad she is a hot mess. Crack and all is not doing her justice. Get off them Ms. Wino and make music!
  2. I know most of Britney Spears songs lyrics and all. Been a fan since '99. I don't judge artistes.
  3. I was to get rid of celebrity gossip blogs but work can be boring such that Nicole Kidman having a botox become extremely interesting news. How else would i know Chris aka Rihanna beater is known CBreezy. How interesting can a celeb tossing out garbage,I need to do something. I really should have an opportunity to call someone treckalicious (train +Wreck)
  4. I once gave a bribe. Making out in public parks is an offence right? Stop looking at me with those eyes:)
  5. I am really sleepy right now
  6. I am kinda defiant.I hate rules. I like to draft the rules for others to follow, but not me. I kinda shoot straight to the hip, i know some people don't like it but if you are looking for advice, i am very sober.
  7. I believe in natural intuition. If i can't connect with someone naturally, i don't force. I am kinda lazy on working on stuff, so they better work themselves out 80%.
  8. On number 7, i have always easily gotten stuff. Like i didn't have to read so hard in school to pass. Once i start writing , it  just comes to my head. I have never have had to really work for something. People like me without no effort on my part. On the other hand i have watched people work so hard to even establish relationships, pass school and just to get ahead in life.
  9. I have most of my friend's numbers in my head such that when i lose a phone, i don't lose much in terms of contacts. I remember very trivial details.
  10. I just don't forget events unless i have purposed to.
  11. I remember most of what i dream. I kinda interpret my dreams. Like i have kept dreaming about rejection from a certain person, it is so scary yet i know these dreams are very true. They say you can know that someone is your Mr. Right just from paying more attention to your dreams about them.
  12. I can think. Yes i can. Then find someone else to implement what i think. We will both be very successful. Don't expect me to do both.
  13. It really took me a lot of time to know that i could be creative. I never fancied myself as creative. The other day i sat down to write fiction, i was shocked, i wrote for a whole afternoon. Sadly my computer got a virus and i lost the story.
  14. Ther is a gal i have known since 2000, no matter how long we are apart, when we sit down to talk, it's always as if we have never been apart for a single day.
  15. I talk to myself a lot, not loudly like a looney, just in my head.

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  1. Wow! It's admirable that thing of remembering people's numbers off head.

    If only I could remember my dreams. I never do, just wake up with the feeling I dreamt about something, but no idea what.