Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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When it comes to finances, my parents are the best. Even if i still live at home, due to circumstances that are not really in my control. Nobody makes me feel like i owe them anything. My dad was abandoned early by his parents i mean financially, so i don't think he would like any of his kids to suffer the same fate.
Anyway my folks rarely ask me for anything. Not even the random "si ukuje na maziwa". Anything i give, is out of my own love and affection. Granted i do participate in paying some stuff especially bulk food shopping.
But that's me. My pals stories are different. One of my friends who uses her folks car over the weekday has to pay insurance for it and fuel it, which is ok granted that she is using it for hersef. What worries her though is the fact that when they take the car over the weekends, they use all fuel she has paid for and return the car at E. All the years she has been struggling with her school fees and her parents still had the audacity to send her brothers over to get school fees and shopping and stuff.
There is something most folks wont understand. The 20's years for most people is the time they acquire savings, investments, assets. How are they going to do that, if they expect kids to pay school fees and stuff ESPECIALLY if they are still able to do it themselves.
Most of my friend's parents are well off, i just don't understand why they expect their children to meet so much expenses just because they are employed. Do they know how life is expensive it is to live in Nairobi for their own. I know some people help their folks out because they truly can't afford to pay stuff on their own, which i would do if i was in the same situation.
But what about the times they can afford, do you think you should take their responsibilities for the younger siblings?


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  1. When the parents can afford it, no, I wouldn't pay! But when they can't, I gladly do. Now on your friend, it's only fair that s(h)e contributes to the cost of running the car, else they get their own and have the say on how it's used, not fair?
    But there's this ka-general thing that relatives feeling entitled to another rela's 'stuff'. It's in the culture, I think.