Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things about girls that can be explained

1. Why girls tag along on dates

You prolly think it's stupid. Which it is. Why would a mature gal tag her
best friend and others for a date that was meant to be yours only.
It's because she thinks you are boring or thinks she needs the backup
incase you turn to be a serial murderer/stalker. She wants to test if you
are really that boring.It's this simple. If yes, she has an exit plan.
*If no, she loses the friends.*

2.Why girls throw tantrums

I was having a talk on my friend and she was telling me how she throws
tantrums if her boy shows other chics attention. By the way PMS is also
real. Just in case you were wondering. I am not talking about abuses, i am
talking about sulking and complaining about everything generally. This
conversation may ensue;

Girl:You don't buy me anything these days
Boy: Really
Girl: Infact when is the last time you called me
(doesn't wait for answer)
Girl: So why did you receive texts from that chic
Boy: I can't help, she just texts me
Girl: Call her, tell her not to text you anymore
Boy: You know i can't do that
Girl: You don't love me, that's why

*Girls hate to lose control*.

3.Crying over Ronaldinho...or Thierry Henry

Seriously he isn't even cute. All girls could say was haa, that hair!
Seriously THAT HAIR! *AND* it was the World cup. That was not the point
really. *We hardly understand football*

4. She disappears on you in the club
Dude are clande. It's called the disappearance act.

5.Pretending we can't cook

We might not be able to whip out lasagna de get it but certainly
80% of the women folk know how to cook. This is .ke really. Don't get
fooled. We just don't want to do it before *YOU PUT A RING ON IT.*

6.Sex and the city, lipstick jungle, desperate housewives, gossip girls,
cosmopolitan, true love, sex and the city ( i know) and all other books and
magazines dedicated to women.

I and myself is a great lover of chic lit and flicks....

These are dating and life bibles. Just incase you did not know.

7. Why there is one dancing style

Seriously this one beats me. I am actually convinced there could be a place
in Nairobi people check in to practice styles on the next club banger.
Gyrating hips, move left right, bend get the drift. Remember the
obsessions? What would we have done without our waists.

8. Shoes and clothes

Why would someone want a whole closet of shoes? Well Imelda Marcos certainly
did start the pace. But have you ever walked by a shoe shop and seen all
those shoes that could look nice on your feet ok awesome on your feet. I am
not even a shoe freak and i still get so moved by cute shoes.

9. Its Me and Me only

Which part of Me don't you understand.

10. Sci-Fi, football, changing tyres,

11.Tyra Banks, Oprah, La Mujer de la.....(dedicated to M)
The shoes, the clothes, the jewellery, the makeovers. That's why. Ooh and
the menaresuchlosers..Mr. right still exists. Oxymoron?

We love attention. We love attention. We love attention. Especially from
guys we like

13. What is whining

We don't whine, we only express our disgust at your bad behaviour in a
shrieking loud voice. Expression not whining not nagging.


  1. I still need to learn more about girls, if they are this complicated.


  2. This was hilarious!
    Nos 2, 6, 8 and 11 even me (I) don't get...Oprah and Tyra are way tooo obsessed with themselves.

    Nos 9,12,and 13 I totally get them and agree 100%.

    But I must say that I think Ronaldhino should thank his lucky stars that he has talent and money otherwise...But personally I looove football (or soccer depending on which side of the channel you were born)

    Great Post

  3. Dead on point! I say so coz i've seen it in this new friend of mine. She want me to write her an email as many time a day...that she reads them over and over again.

    Chicks are just special.

  4. I agree with the dudes status quo: you chics are way too weird. Explaining it only makes it harder to understand!!!

  5. LOL @ I still get SO moved by cute shoes.Yaani not just moved, SO MOVED.
    Liked this.

  6. LOL! so on point! and they STILL don't get it!!! hihi

  7. @our kid, girls are not complicated, seriously.

    @anonymous HnH, thanks...ooh yeah you love football, most of us don't you know.

    @M, and you are from Mars, right?

    @Anon, just give her the attention :)

    @3TOC, thanks. It's so tempting. The shoes just look at you those ones of "Please buy me". OOh and thank you for the cute shoes.

    @mwasjd, do you want some lessons

    @Anon who i suspect, imagine, they still don't get it