Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "ME" syndrome

Sometimes i like to stare at people and just learn a few things. Like i am at the bus stop and people are waiting for a bus when suddenly one comes and they start pushing and shoving each other just to make sure they are the first to board the bus. It's called the scarcity mentality, that there are not enough buses so i have to shove and push everyone else to get on that bus. Normally i will just watch until everyone has gotten in and if there is space remaining, i will hop in, else i will just wait for another bus.
if there is something that is prevalent in Nairobi and i guess all other cities is generally the "ME" syndrome. The one that makes the speaker think he would rather live in a palatial residence when everyone else can barely have their needs met. In the estate i live, many people drive their own cars, hardly would you get a lift from anyone just because it is raining or stuff unless they are known to you. Of course they is always an exception, but it is the norm. Anyway, that's beside the point, no one is obliged to help any one else. IN the Nakumatt fire tragedy, two of the victims live in my estate. It was a sad affair. Someone went round distributing a flier that members of the estate should each contribute Ksh. 1,000 towards expenses and stuff. And our household will contribute. What's my point is, in this world when all is said and done, we need people as much as they need us. It just doesn't seem to occur when it's the other person that needs you.
Which brings me to another thing, friends. I have few friends i can tell genuinely know stuff about me. Infact i can hardly count 3. Because most people are so obsessed with themselves and their problems or lack thereof that it is hard to let them in to your life. Most people just don't care about the other person, they go and on about stuff because they are usually the most important person. Usually i will just listen. Infact that is my specialty. I just cut down the time i spend with a person. I don't care what you give to me, i believe friends are supposed to know as much about each other. Friendship is sacred. A friend can build or destroy you without your knowledge.
So today, get out of yourself and think about others more. They will notice. Trust me


  1. Word for today which is a daily devotion I read- talks about exactly the same thing today.


  2. @thanks, i am honored

    @3Toc, well i read the writer of your daily devotion's mind :). Thanks too.